Treatment of hemangioma of the liver folk methods

Hemangioma is a benign formation with no risk of cancer. Basically, hemangioma is congenital in nature. Hemangioma of the liver is the most common form. Detection of the formation can be done by ultrasound examination of the liver.

Cases when hemangioma is less than five centimeters in size, do not require treatment, the only thing is that it is recommended to observe the development of the process by performing ultrasound two times a year. But hemangiomas more than five centimeters in size may be dangerous, because these formations are very fragile and friable, so there is a risk of a rupture, provoking bleeding. This is the reason for the necessary operation of a large hemangioma of the liver.

Treatment of hemangioma of the liver folk remedies

Traditional treatment of hemangioma of the liver is used in almost all diseases, hemangioma is no exception. Often, folk remedies and methods are at times more effective than modern medicine. So, what does folk medicine offer to eliminate liver hemangioma?

  • A glass of oats wash and pour a liter of purified water, which should be room temperature. Leave for ten hours, then put on a small fire and simmer for half an hour. Again let it brew for twelve hours, strain and bring the amount of infusion to a liter, by adding purified water. Keep the product in a cool place. Take half a cup three times a day before meals for 45 days, take a break of 30 days and repeat the course of admission. Interleave breaks with courses are necessary for 12 months.

  • With hemangioma, raw potato tubers are used. Begin use is necessary from 30g per day, gradually increasing the "portion", bringing to 150g. Take this folk remedy 1-2 times a day for half an hour before meals. If there is a perspiration in the throat after drinking raw potatoes, you can rinse the throat with water or drink juice.

  • Lime tea in the treatment of hemangioma is an excellent remedy. You need to drink it during breakfast for two months twice a year.

  • Take twelve drops of tincture of bitter wormwood three times a day for 20 minutes before meals. The course of treatment is a month and a half, then a break of 30 days, repeat the course. As a result, you need to go through three courses.

  • half a liter of natural bee honey mixed with a glass of fresh aloe juice and a glass of cognac. Take another container and mix in it: 100 g of ground hips, 100 g of yarrow, 100 h of pine buds, 5 g of wormwood, 200 g of chopped mushroom chaga. All this pour 3 liters of cool water and cook on low heat, boil it should be about two hours. Then wrap the broth with a warm blanket and place it on the floor, so the remedy should stand for 24 hours, after which the broth strain and add the honey-cognac mixture. Allow to stand for 4 hours. Take the product you need on a teaspoon three times a day after meals for six days.