Cystitis: treatment in the home of cystitis and folk remedies

Cystitis (inflammation of the bladder) can overtake at any age, both men and women who are more likely to suffer from this disease.

Often, cystitis is provoked by pathogenic microorganisms, among which E. coli, staphylococcus, viruses, chlamydia and a number of others, in addition, the disease can develop as a complication of a part of infectious diseases. The acute form of cystitis can be cured easier and faster, but the treatment of chronic inflammation is much more difficult.

To begin treatment of a cystitis follows, preliminary having passed or taken place inspection and having consulted with the urologist, but attributes of a cystitis are rather characteristic, and it is possible to establish or install a diagnosis confidently before analyzes. Early active treatment of acute cystitis, will prevent its transition to a complex chronic form, poorly treatable.

Treatment of cystitis at home possibly, but it should be carried out in a complex and consistent manner only in cases when the disease has no complications and there is no need for inpatient treatment.

The best prevention of relapse in chronic cystitis is the elimination of the cause that causes inflammation, for example, inflammation, deposition of salts, pyelonephritis and stones in the bladder.

Treatment of acute cystitis

With exacerbations, bed rest is shown, and suffering can be alleviated by warm sedentary and foot baths, heat exposure to the bladder zone, and compresses from chamomile broth, onion husks, marigolds or warm crushed potatoes. Also, it is necessary to adhere to a sparing milk and vegetable diet, while canned, smoked, spicy, spicy dishes are not allowed to eat. Alcoholic beverages are also strictly contraindicated. In return, a generous neutral warm drink is recommended, for example, herbal tea, compotes, tea and mineral water.

When prone to constipation, shows sour-milk products, prunes, baked apples, dried apricots, and from the use of laxative drugs should refrain.

Medicamentous treatment of inflammation

With complex medical treatment of cystitis, analgesics and antispasmodics and antimicrobial drugs of a wide spectrum of action are used.

With a flow of cystitis without complications, you can take a tablet of biseptol in the morning and evening after eating, this course can last from five days to two weeks. It is also possible to use urologulfan from two to seven grams per day, in three to five receptions, or 0.1 grams of furadonin after meals, up to four times a day, for five to eight days.

However, before using these drugs, you should carefully study the attached instructions for use, drawing attention to contraindications and side effects, and undoubtedly the more correct solution is to consult with a specialist.

The use of natural remedies for the treatment and prevention of cystitis is a standard recommendation of urologists.

Treatment of cystitis at home

Of folk healing medicines used decoction of roots of wild rose, an infusion of flax seeds and dill, a decoction of rhizomes of ara, a decoction of a mixture of chamomile flowers and horsetail field (fifty-fifty) and a number of other means.

It is much more difficult and longer to treat cystitis of secondary origin at home in the presence of ulcerated tumors, stones in the bladder, prostate diseases and sexual infections.