Liver remedies. What medicines restore the liver and help it

Since ancient times, alcoholism has been blamed for liver damage. However, it was found that obesity of the liver is also quite common among essentially non-drunk citizens, the only thing is that they are limited by this defect without committing antisocial actions.

Associated with such pathologies among non-drinkers with inappropriate nutrition and excessive use of miraculous drugs.

By the way: the weight of the liver is about one and a half kilograms, which most successfully recycles alcohol from six to eight in the evening.

The regimen of medicines for the liver

Important in the treatment of the liver is the appointment and compliance with the right diet. The standard dietary treatment used in such cases is called Diet No. 5. It is also applicable for diseases of the gallbladder.

It is very important to adhere to the dosing regimen, the rules of drug use, adherence to the prescribed diet and recommended lifestyle. Simultaneous reception of alcohol, or products that change the pharmacological effect of the prescribed funds. A very important risk factor for drug damage to the liver is polypharmacy, which consists in the simultaneous use of several drugs.

Function of the liver

In general, the liver is a unique organ possessing an amazing ability for self-regeneration, this effect is realized thanks to hepatoprotectors, these are the agents that favor the restoration of its cells. Most often, these are preparations of essential phospholipids, which help to reduce the amount of fat in the cells of the liver and cholesterol, and restore the liver cells to the membrane. This contributes to the processes of neutralizing alcohol and toxins.

Restoration of the liver by feeding

But the essential phospholipids in the body are not produced, they should be obtained only from the outside. Restore the liver and help it - natural milk and fermented milk products - kefir, cottage cheese, yoghurt. However, you need to consume these foods without sugar.

In addition, there is undoubted benefit in oily marine fish, and not only in flax and olive oil, but also in our sunflower, but it must be unrefined. These products contain polyunsaturated fats, eicosanoids, which are close to phospholipids. All these products have a common drawback - high caloric value, so they should be used reasonably.

According to some statements, it can be decided that coffee is a categorical enemy of the liver, but this is not true. In this magic drink there are substances that improve microcirculation in the internal organs, and they are also hepatoprotectors, but the dose should not exceed a cup or two of espresso a day.

Restores the liver and helps her spinach, celery, seeds, nuts, parsley, and these products are available all year round, and they should always be on the table.

However, in order to preserve the health of the liver, you should definitely limit potatoes, sugar, flour and porridge from crushed grain. These "light" carbohydrates change the metabolism and lead to a fatty transformation of the liver, which increases the risk of diabetes. To a greater extent, this applies to people who suffer from hypertension and have reached the advanced age.

What can I refuse to treat the liver?

Reduce the use of canned food and smoked products, which are very harmful to the liver and body trans fats, acrylamide and carcinogens. And the main source of cholagogue and antioxidants are vegetables and unsweetened fruits.

Life often does not plan ahead, and sometimes you have to deal with the problem of restoring the liver after the expected and unexpected libations, because every sip of alcohol is a blow to this organ. This is an achievable task, and there are a number of means designed specifically for this purpose. Among them, the modern drug Energol is isolated. Energize consume two capsules three times a day before meals, with water.

Medicines for the liver

To restore the liver, which has suffered from various toxic effects, special medicines are used - hepatoprotectors based on phospholipids, the effectiveness and safety of which has been confirmed by numerous studies.

Currently, the most effective hepatoprotectors used in alcohol and other liver lesions are essential phospholipids; it is a purified mixture of phosphatidylcholine with polyunsaturated fatty acids, whose sources are soybeans.

Essential phospholipids are very important, it is the main component of hepatocyte membranes that destroy alcohol and other damage factors.