Diffusive liver changes: causes, complications, treatment

What is diffuse liver changes?

Diffusive changes in the liver are determined after ultrasound examination of the abdominal cavity, however this term does not indicate the diagnosis of any disease. Thus, attention is focused on the increase in functional tissue, parenchyma. This diffuse change can be sclerotic, hypertrophic, fibrous, dystrophic and swelling. Diffuse liver change means that for some reason, from a variety of possible, some changes in liver tissue have been found that need to be further inspected. And that's all.

Causes of

And the reasons for diffuse changes in the liver really are many.

Any reason that in any way can adversely affect the liver, most often in the initial stage leads to diffuse changes in its tissue. In addition to all known bad habits, these are medical preparations, and irrational nutrition, viruses, bacteria, up to genetic hereditary pathologies. Live in our latitudes, smoke cigarettes, cool in the heat of beer, and a dispassionate ultrasound will show you diffuse liver changes at a young age. The same will happen in the treatment of antibiotics, fierce observance of mono-diets, rapid weight loss or obesity.

The most dangerous diseases for which the ultrasound unit responds to the picture of diffuse liver changes include metabolic lesions of the liver, (hemochromatosis), autoimmune, drug, and in general of any origin, hepatitis, cirrhosis and sclerosing cholangitis.

Treatment of diffuse liver changes

By themselves, diffuse changes are meaningless to treat, it is necessary to determine the cause that caused them, and to eliminate it, after which the liver can be restored. The tactics of treatment are determined by the causes of pathology. If the influence on the liver of bad habits, poor diet and lifestyle is determined, these factors should be fundamentally eliminated, and then begin treatment with hypoprotective agents that regenerate liver tissue by accelerating the division of healthy hypotocytes.

In case of a viral infection, the necessary antiviral drugs are prescribed. Proper nutrition in the period of liver problems is given special attention. For the hepatic patients, table No. 5 is prescribed. However, all these treatment courses should be carried out exclusively for the intended purpose and under the supervision of the physician.

Actions for the detection of diffuse liver changes

It is necessary to carry out a complete examination and tests prescribed by a doctor. These can be blood tests, magnetic resonance imaging, CTM, angiography, even percutaneous puncture, although in most cases not all studies are mandatory. After the investigation, the disease is determined and treatment is prescribed.

In themselves, diffuse changes usually do not appear, although some pain in the right upper quadrant, a feeling of heaviness and a number of uncomfortable manifestations can be felt. Pain can be given to the right shoulder, also yellow in the sclera, in the tongue and skin near the eyes.

Apply and folk procedure for cleaning the liver. To do this, they stock up with oats, brunches, birch buds, spores, rose hips, corn stigmas, immortelle flowers, wormwood, yarrow, fennel fruits and mint leaves.

Take three glasses of washed oats, two tablespoons of cowberry leaf, three tablespoons of birch buds, all raw materials are ground and poured into three liters of cold water. Insist for 24 hours and boil for a quarter of an hour in a water bath.

In the broth add three tablespoons of crushed sponges and two tablespoons of corn stigmas and another quarter of an hour of boiling and three quarters of an hour insist.

In parallel, in a different pot, a glass of boiling water is brewed with a glass of rose hips, previously shredded, boiled for ten minutes and left for a day in a thermos.

Both preparations are filtered and poured into a jar, which is stored in the refrigerator, but no more than five days. Use the drug should be 150 milliliters four times a day for half an hour before eating a ten-day course.