Pain in the liver after alcohol

The pain that appears in the region of the liver does not always mean directly the disease of the liver itself. Sometimes such pain is an indicator of the presence of various pathologies - such as appendicitis, intercostal neuralgia, etc. Consider the question of what pain means in the liver after taking alcohol and how to cope with it.

If after drinking alcohol you noticeably felt where your liver is, this is the signal of that. that the potential of liver health has greatly decreased. The fact is that all alcohol consumed by us (almost all - up to 90%) undergoes the process of oxidation and processing in the liver. And it is natural that a lot of people feel a strong discomfort the next morning after "taken on the chest" - toxins and decay products literally ruin the cells of our liver, causing them to die.

The situation is exacerbated if a person, in addition to alcohol, "struck" the liver with fried, smoked and fatty foods. Also, the liver can additionally suffer from drugs that are commonly used to relieve hangover.

So, the appearance of pain in the liver after taking alcohol is evidence that the liver, as never before, needs help, that is, getting rid of the products of decay and toxins. How to do it? Some medicines can help you.

First of all, these are various enterosorbents: Enterosgel, Polysorb. Polyphepan, ordinary activated carbon, succinic acid tablets. These drugs are able to absorb all harmful substances, accelerate the process of disintegration and elimination of alcohol from the body, improve the overall human condition.

To enhance the effect and to avoid side effects from the drunk, you can take enterosorbent before and during the feast. By the way, an interesting fact: it turns out that simple marmalade can also be a wonderful enterosorbent - it contains pectin and gelatin. Therefore, it is not a sin to pamper yourself with marmalade after drinking, drinking such a dessert with freshly brewed strong black tea.

In order for the liver to recover faster, it is necessary to additionally take two or three tablets of Nova sppa, which has antispasmodic properties. The same properties are found in rose hips, so an excellent addition to the restoration will be an infusion of rose hips. They also have ascorbic acid, which is involved in metabolic processes. Do not forget to add honey to the hips!

Treatment of the liver after alcohol also involves the use of hepatoprotectors - the so-called drugs that promote the restoration and protection of liver cells.

If the pain in the liver becomes chronic and persists for a long time, then serious treatment with preliminary examination and analysis is needed.