The causes of gazik in children.

Gaziki in the newborns from three weeks to three months, accompanied by a sharp, piercing cry is generally considered a common occurrence for toddlers. Hearing these cries and crying, parents often fall into the stupor of helplessness, not knowing how to stop the suffering of the child.

The causes of the gazik in children are not known for certain. ; But there are a lot of assumptions about this. The immaturity of the digestive system, the stresses from the avalanche of new impressions that are constantly falling on the baby, multiplied by the degree of its sensitivity and receptivity - that's an incomplete list of them. Undoubtedly, colic and gaziky in infants can be initiated by some products obtained by a child with breast milk. In order to try to determine the causes of crying, not only consult a pediatrician, but also learn to distinguish crying from colic from other types of crying. Many mistakenly attribute the crying of an infant only to colic, and this is not true. There are a lot of reasons for child crying, of course. Try to make sure that it is gazikas and colic that are the cause of crying, so that you can alleviate the pain with the help of massage.

Signs of gaziches in newborns

When the baby has colic, the crying feels like a piercing and sudden, it is interrupted for a short while, after which it resumes again. In this case, the baby's fist clenches, the legs are tightened, the back bends and at first the crying is difficult to recognize among other varieties. Parents are frightened, their feelings are passed on to the baby, and a vicious circle arises.

Three quarters of the gas, which is in the baby's gastrointestinal tract, is swallowed by crying, crying, feeding. A significant part of the gases are formed in the intestines with the help of microflora, which is already beginning to colonize the gastrointestinal tract. Due to the diffusion from the blood plasma into the lumen of the intestine, mainly nitrogen comes.

Pay attention to the nervous disorders and excess emotions of the child as a possible cause of flatulence, which result is a spasm of smooth muscles of the intestine up to colic.

Incorrect nutrition of the mother - gaziki in newborns

Wrong diet of the mother with breastfeeding: spicy, spicy food, and in general products that increase gas formation, of course, can cause flatulence, colic and gazikov in infants. It is known that the causes of flatulence and colic are similar.

If you yourself suspect that in the appearance of gazikah in a newborn baby is guilty of your food - do not experiment, just stop using suspicious food.

Gazikov in infants - we do exercises

There is a simple set of exercises to improve the functions of the child's digestive system.

You do not need to do these exercises during, for example, colic. Wait for the child to remain in the mood of "active vivacity", receptivity, calmness and when nothing hurts him. You can do it four times a day, for example, during the diaper change.

Very calmly and easily put your hands on the child.

We open the palm and stroke the baby's belly from the top down six times. Contact with the stomach should be permanent. As soon as one hand reaches the bottom, the second one starts moving again. To make the gases come out easier, massage with one hand, and the other hold the raised legs.

Joint knees are raised to the tummy, slightly pressing. We keep this pose, which facilitates the escape of gases. After stretching the legs slightly we shake them to relax the muscles.

Draw around the navel ring (only clockwise) with your left hand, starting from the left. This is the sun, and the right hand at this time depicts the moon. We do so six times. Contact with the baby's tummy must be continuous.

The easy rocking of the hips of the baby with the help of relaxing touches completes the massage. These actions will relieve the muscles of the child from stress.