Nematodes in humans - treatment

Nematodeosis - a disease of a number of helminthiases, the causative agent of which are nematode parasites. The article introduces you to the methods of treatment of human nematodes.

Types of nematodes

Nematodes are round helminths with a long body resembling a spindle, without any division into segments.

The appearance and development of nematodes causes a nematode disease in man, which has about thirty varieties.

Of these, enterobiosis, trichinosis, ascariasis, ankylostomiasis, trichocephalosis, noncatarosis, strongyloidiasis and trichostrongyloidosis were most widespread.

Which organs are affected by nematodosis?

Nematodes can parasitize in various systems and organs of the human body. Larval stages of worms can migrate to other places of the organism, remote from the places of parasitization of adults. Thus, in the intestine parasitism of pinworms, ascarids, wilted heads, adult trichinella is often observed, and in the skeletal striated muscles, parasitic larvae of Trichinella can parasitize. On the hepatic blood vessels, small and large circle of blood circulation, along the lungs and respiratory tracts migration of ascarids larvae occurs. In the articular synovial bags and subcutaneous tissue parasitizes the causative agent of tracunculosis ristah and the like.

Diseases caused by nematodes

Parasitization of nematodes, migration of nematode larvae lead to mechanical damage in the body of various tissues and organs, as well as the occurrence of inflammatory processes, the disruption of the functioning of organs, serious allergic manifestations, and zosinophilic infiltration in various organs. In places where helminths and their larvae die, granuloma formation is observed.

Helminthes nematodes absorb nutrients, vitamins that enter the body with food, poison it with products of its own vital activity and the products of decomposition of dead adults and larvae. Thus, helminths provoke the development of anemia, aggravate the current diseases, suppress immunity, reduce work capacity, cause general weakness, contribute to slowing the development of children.

Treatment required for infection with nematodes

The disease can be completely eliminated with the timely start of treatment and its worthy quality. If the treatment is not started on time, nematodosis can lead to complications, and in some cases, death. The choice of medicines for the treatment of nematodosis depends on the type of helminths, the form of the disease and its stage.

In addition to medications that have severe side effects, the Helmostop plus program (Gelmostop +) is proposed, which destroys helminths at different stages of their development, while stimulating immunity against parasites, accelerating the process of neutralizing toxins, eliminating manifestations of allergic reactions caused by parasites. This program also provides an additional source of microelements, vitamins, minerals for rapid recovery of the body and replenishment of the necessary substances. With its application, the quality of life improves. The program passed all the tests, approved and approved by the doctors.