Wormwood against worms

Wormwood (Artemisiaabrotanum L., Chernobylnik) since ancient times is used as a medicament for the treatment of a variety of diseases. It exhibits an action similar to quinine, counteracting a fever, this antiseptic. In small doses stimulates the secretion of bile, gastric juice, has a sedative effect, which is used for neuroses.

In large doses, it is toxic.

Application of wormwood bitter from parasites

Alcohol tincture and water infusion of wormwood is used for treatment against round worms, which it successfully removes.

Leaves of wormwood are collected in the early spring, after which they are dried and ground into powder. It is recommended, in order to avoid the presence of bitterness, put the powder in gelatin capsules. The maximum infant dose is a quarter teaspoon, for an adult - half a teaspoon.

Take the remedy according to a certain pattern. In the first two days one portion is taken, it is about two hundred to three hundred milligrams, it should be washed down with silicon water, in small amounts. On the third day, two servings should be consumed at the same time. After that, every day for each reception should be added one serving. For example, on the fourth day there will be three portions, in the fifth - four, on the sixth - five, on the seventh - six, and on the eighth - seven. This is the maximum dose that does not change from the eighth to the fourteenth day of treatment. During the treatment, it is not allowed to take breaks, at least up to the seventh day, for this period adults must die. At the conclusion of this two-week procedure, one should go to treatment once a week, and at this time take seven servings at the same time. This course should last a year.

Wormwood is also prepared with infusion, for which the dry grass is crushed, a teaspoon of wormwood is taken and brewed with two glasses of boiling water of silicon water. Twenty minutes the agent is insisted in a wrapped form, after which it is filtered. Use the drug should be a quarter cup three times a day for half an hour before meals.

To make a tincture, a hundred grams of dry herb wormwood is poured into half a liter of 70% alcohol, three weeks insist in the dark. During this time, the product should be shaken from time to time. At the end of the term - filter. Use twenty-five to thirty drops, and washed down with silicon water. This procedure is carried out three times a day before meals.

When helminths defeat the skin of the brain, the eye is applied externally, for example, in the form of compresses on the eyes and head, lotions and washings. Infusion is used in the form of antiparasitic and cleansing enemas, rinses of the oral cavity, since both helminths and their larvae can settle even in the oral cavity.

When helminthiasis recommended to do inhalation, preparing a fresh herb gruel. This will destroy the helminths, settled in the respiratory, lung, nasopharynx.

Wormwood oil against worms - how to apply?

It is also possible to prevent accidental ingression of helminths into the oral cavity with the help of wormwood oil. Such treatment will also help to destroy parasites in the body. To this end, half a kilo of wormwood gruel is poured with a liter of unrefined cold pressed vegetable oil and insisted for two weeks in a cool place, with the mixture from time to time shake. Then the upper part of the infusion should be carefully removed from the sediment and passed through a multilayer gauze. Store the product in a cool dark place. For use, a tablespoon of oil sucks as a candy in the front of the mouth, avoiding swallowing the product. The procedure is easy, for ten to twenty minutes. In the process, the oil thickens first, after which its viscosity drops almost to the viscosity of the water. After that, a sign of oil spit out and thoroughly rinse the mouth with wormwood infusion. This procedure should be carried out up to four times a day. In addition, it is recommended to eat along with a meal a tablespoon of wormwood oil.

In spring, summer and autumn, one should rub the fresh herbal gum of wormwood into the body of the diseased helminth patient. The phytoncides of wormwood, which are biologically active substances, are absorbed by the skin in its pure form and are delivered to all organs through the lymphatic and circulatory system. It is also advisable to apply the gruel to the head, fixing with a bandage or cloth. Replace such applications from wormwood several times a day. So fitontsidy reach the helminths affected by the brain. Applications with wormwood on heels are very effective.