Getting rid of worms with herbs, medicines, medicines. The hermetic program of herbs.

There are a number of measures taken during infection with worms. They are diverse in the same way as the various parasitic representatives themselves, which are subdivided into subclasses: depending on their localization in the human body (tissue or cavity); depending on the level of infection and intensity of intoxication; depending on the duration of the disease and the complications caused by parasites. On the release of the body from helminths, a whole complex of treatment procedures is needed. Chemical drugs for getting rid of worms have a high level of toxicity, it is not always necessary to immediately resort to their help. They are highly effective in getting rid of helminths, if they are taken in conjunction with biologically active components. Proceeding from this, all programs for cleaning the body of parasites, including worms, include special antihelminthic drugs and biologically active complexes.

The program for getting rid of worms consists of several stages:

At the first stage, the body is carefully prepared for the excretion of worms. At the same time, pumpkin, linseed vegetable oils are widely used, as well as Enterosgel and Allochol. Such drugs help to bind and remove from the body of toxic substances - the products of vital activity of worms.

Secondly, anthelmintic agents are used. They should be from the composition of "pharmacy" drugs and herbal soft preparations. A greater result will be provided by antihelminthic agents recommended by a physician. Among them there may be drugs of a narrow and wide range of actions.

The third stage is the restoration of lung function, liver, kidney and gastrointestinal tract. At this stage, biologically active complexes that stimulate immunity and normalize the exchange of microelements and vitamins are prescribed. The normal functioning of the liver is a very important point. To normalize its functions, appoint Karsil, Geparsil, Darsil and other preparations of milk thistle. Treatment of the disease is carried out with the help of levamisole, drugs of wide impact - pyrantel (Nemocide, Combantrin, Helminthox), mebenzadol (Vermox), albenzadol. In this case, it should be noted that the disease with pinworms requires a one-time application, whereas from ascaridosis get rid of a three-day course.

Herbs with anthelmintic effect and treatment of worms with them

If the treatment with anthelmintic medicines is contraindicated to the patient, you should refer to the help of herbs that have a helminthic effect. A variety of herbs have a similar effect: garlic, tansy, mistletoe, eucalyptus, valerian, immortelle, birch, elecampane, oregano, centenarius, walnut, St. John's wort. You can use this collection: 2 parts (further ch.) Of valerian root, 2 parts of the root of elecampane, 2 parts of the fruit of the hopper, 2 hours of birch buds, 5 hours of St. John's wort, 4 hours of grass of golden thousand, 3 hours of mistletoe , 2 hours of herb wormwood, 3 hours of horsetop hopping, 5 hours of tansy. Take 2 tablespoons. the resulting collection of half a liter of boiling water, insist in a thermos, take 1 tbsp. half an hour before meals 4 times a day.

Traditional medicine for getting rid of worms provides enemas with garlic. Prepare them as follows: on 150 ml of water add 6 cloves of garlic and bring to a boil. A warm broth is used for enema. A similar procedure is repeated every day for a week. Then two weeks break and again repeat the course. The combination with enemas is mandatory for all parasitic activities, since dying helminths, remaining in the body, decompose and infect it with toxins.

The most effective is an anthelmintic enema, prepared according to the following recipe: 3 cloves garlic and the same volume of onions chop and pour warm boiled water, leave for a quarter of an hour. Insist and strain the mixture through gauze. The remaining infusion is diluted in 1.5-2 liters. boiled water, the temperature of which should be 36-39 degrees. There also add 1 tablespoon. lemon juice. Enter the solution after cleansing enema or after emptying the intestine in a natural way. After several similar procedures, small worms, such as ascarids or pinworms, will be killed.