Folk remedies for worms. What are the most effective

For diseases associated with helminthic infection, repeated infection is typical, so even after healing and removing parasites and their toxins from the body, one should carefully follow the hygiene rules and subject the products to thorough heat treatment. Although modern pharmaceutical companies currently produce a lot of preparations from worms, many, including physicians believe that folk remedies are also effective, but also safe.

The most effective folk remedies for parasites are

Indisputable reputation in this matter are, for example, garlic and pumpkin seeds, the popularity of various herbs is also very popular.

An effective folk method is, for example, garlic enemas, they are primarily directed against pinworms, but are also good against other worms. A glass of water at room temperature is poured into a large container and add five to eight chopped cloves of garlic. Then the liquid is filtered through cheesecloth and put enemas once a day for three to five days.

A good remedy for children is grated carrots or carrot juice, which allows not only to get rid of parasites, but also to increase immunity - the body's resistance to various diseases.

Try to pound out the dry pumpkin seeds and mix them with sugar. People use the medicine on an empty stomach in the morning, and finish this procedure with castor oil.

Take ten cloves of garlic with melted butter immediately (once). This folk method makes it possible to get rid of any varieties of parasites. Two days after the procedure, you should use a laxative drug.

Make and milk enemas from garlic, cook garlic head on a glass of milk until soft, then filter and cool. Such enemas are put up for a week. For adults, an enema with a volume of a glass (250 milliliters) is needed, and children, taking into account their age, from fifty to one hundred and fifty milliliters.

The famous and simple folk remedy are from worms and signs of infection are pumpkin seeds, which should be consumed a lot every day. Clean, of course, hands.

Well destroy worms from the pomegranate peel, which is cooked in a glass of water for two hours, and taken during meals three times a day.

Prepare and effective tincture from onions, for which the ground bulb is filled with alcohol or vodka and insist a week. Use a teaspoon three times a day.

Another undisputed remedy of the people is tincture of wormwood. Grass is ground, brewed a glass of boiling water and eat on an empty stomach for a week for two tablespoons up to three times a day.

The worms are also destroyed with flaxseed powder, which is washed down with cold water. Use this folk powder two to three times a day, for a week.

In folk medicine there are effective phyto preparations against worms, which have a helminthic effect. In addition to garlic and onions, they include St. John's wort, birch, elecampane, tansy and a number of others. They are used in the form of broths or tinctures. Their advantage over pharmaceuticals is that they do not destroy the beneficial microflora of the body.

The effect of controlling worms will be guaranteed higher if de-worming is subjected to all members of the family. In especially neglected cases it is necessary to repeat a course of treatment with folk remedies after one and a half to two weeks.