Improvement of vision at home - exercises and folk remedies

In our time, virtually every person, regardless of age and sex, suffers from one or another form of visual impairment. Therefore, the methods improvement of vision at home can be useful for everyone. Technology and pharmacology are on the ground. However, we are still trying to convince that there are no other measures and ways to improve eyesight than glasses. Every nine out of ten people over the age of 21 who live in a civilized world have deviations in vision. With age, this ratio increases. And by the time he was forty, it was almost impossible to meet a person free from vision deficiencies. For the normalization of vision, modern ophthalmologists suggest using therapeutic gymnastics and medicines to improve vision.

Whatever it was, we need eyes to look at. And if we deprive ourselves of our organs of view of this work: once again we do not read, we do not consider, then not the need for a qualitative performance of our work disappears by itself. And then the expression: "My eyes would not look" - becomes a reality.

Pharmacologists and traditional healers offer a large number of medicines to strengthen and improve vision.

Folk remedies for improving vision

Prepare eye drops from one of the spoons of mint juice, one small spoonful of honey and 1 teaspoon of water. It is better to take clean water or spring water. All the ingredients are mixed and buried in the eyes daily in the morning and in the evening for 2-3 drops.

When opacifying the cornea of ​​the eye, it is recommended to instill in the eyes infusion from the grass of the woodlice. For one glass of boiling water, 1 tablespoon of herb, cook with the lid closed in a water bath. Cool and drain. Bury in the morning and evening for 3 drops.

With a deterioration of vision, you can attach a bandage of fresh herb cilantro to the eyes 1-2 times a day for 10-20 minutes.

When a thorn in the eye appears, it is recommended to grease the eyes with onion juice mixed with honey: grind a fresh bulb of medium size, put in gauze and squeeze the juice, mix the resulting juice with 1 tablespoon of honey, let it brew for one day. The resulting composition lubricate the damaged eye.

products to improve vision

The benefits of vitamins for our vision, as well as for everything, are indisputable. Vitamin A is fat-soluble, therefore, when preparing meals from foods containing vitamin A (carrots, liver, egg, spinach, etc.), do not forget to add a little fat to the dish : swept, cream, mayonnaise, butter or vegetable oil. Observe moderation in the intake of vitamin A, since an overdose threatens hypovitaminosis. B vitamins are water soluble and digested in the intestine. Therefore, take care of the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Use a variety of cleaning procedures to improve its performance. Vitamin C in large quantities contain a variety of fruits and vegetables. However, if B-avitaminosis is observed in the body, vitamin C will not be absorbed badly. Therefore, taking medicinal and folk remedies for improving vision, at the same time conduct a comprehensive body cleansing and try to lead a correct lifestyle. In addition to the introduction of vitamin foods, you can take multivitamin medicines that are available in pharmacies.

To improve vision, it is recommended to eat the grass of the portralaka . From it you can prepare a filling for pies, stew with an egg, you can make salads out of it. Especially good navigability is combined with fish.

A wonderful tool for strengthening vision is the blueberry . It can be used in any form: jam, juice, dried fruits, frozen fruits, mors, etc. Medicinal preparations from bilberry fruit are sold as biologically active additives in stores and pharmacies.

With chicken blindness, twilight vision disorder or hemeerolopia, it is recommended to drink the celandine juice 1 drop, diluted in a teaspoon of water twice a day after meals. Dosage daily increase by one drop to 15 drops per dose. After the treatment, reduce the dose by one drop per day.

It is also recommended to fill the amount of lutein or pigment staining the central part of the retina. Lutein is a natural antioxidant and absorbs radiation harmful to the eye. The source of lutein is saffron, which can be used as a seasoning for dishes. You can use dietary supplements that contain lutein.

Promotes visual improvement of the drug, prepared from gum or resin of plum tree and honey. Five peas of gum to dissolve in a glass of warm water and mix with honey. Rinse the eye with the composition and take 1 table spoon 3 times a day.

Perfectly improves eyesight gymnastics for the eyes:

Dip face into warm water with open eyes for 10-15 seconds. Take a break for 1 minute. Repeat the exercise 5 times.

Look at the tip of the nose for 1 minute, then look at the right shoulder, after on the left, after on the tip of the nose, after up and down close your eyes for a minute. Repeat the exercise several times.

Now in modern ophthalmology the newest method of "artificial sun" is used to treat serious ophthalmic diseases. This method is based on numerous studies in which the majority of ophthalmic patients are cured due to the fact that they looked daily at the sunset.

Give your eyes work, look at the stars, in the sun at sunset, strengthen your vision, and glasses will not be useful to you.