First aid for eye trauma

In case of eye injury you need to act on a case-by-case basis.

Mote in the eye . Mote in the eye is a habit and very frequent phenomenon. But, as a rule, people in this case begin to rub their eyes intensely, into which a foreign body got into. You do not need to do this, since by rubbing you can damage or strongly irritate the mucous membrane of the eye.

First aid for trauma to the eye, if the mote is on the upper eyelid. In order for the mote to leave, you need to pull the upper eyelid for the lashes downward, as if putting the upper eyelid on the lower eyelid. In this case, the inner side of the upper eyelid is wiped with the eyelashes of the lower eyelid and thus frees the eye from the mote. You need to look down.

First aid for trauma to the eye, if the speck is behind the lower eyelid. To remove the mote, which is under the lower eyelid, you need to carefully pull it, slightly turning and removing the mote with a clean moistened handkerchief. Look at this upward.

Contusion of the eye and assistance in the presence of foreign bodies in the eye

Bruise of the eye . Here, for the first time, you need cold: apply a moist one to the diseased eye, and therefore a cold handkerch for 15 minutes. Call the doctor for eye examination and vision check soon, as with visible absence of external injuries, internal, and here you can not escape the cold.

First aid in case of eye injury if there are sharp foreign bodies in it . This problem happens most often in children who are left without adult supervision. Children love to play with familiar and unfamiliar objects, including stabbing and cutting. Especially newborns who wound their eyes with their nails. In adults, this occurs often in production conditions, when small particles of metal, glass, wood fall on the cornea of ​​the eye, while sometimes piercing through the eye sclera. In all these cases, no self-help will help. You should immediately contact a specialist who will remove the foreign object with special tools.

First aid for eye burn

Eye burn . Eye burn can be caused by steam, flame, heated fat, boiling water, etc. In this case, do not apply a bandage. You should immediately wash your face and eyes with running water and go to the hospital for an ambulance. If the burn has occurred as a result of exposure to alkali, acid dyes, lime or the like chemicals, you should also act - rinse opened eyes with clean running water and immediately go to the doctor.

Burns with ultraviolet rays can be obtained by skiing in the mountains or by electric welding. Abundant lacrimation, pain and pain in the eyes, redness appear after six to eight hours. To the doctor it is necessary to address even in the event that these signs will pass or take place in two days.

To protect your eyes from possible injuries, observe basic safety rules, wear protective goggles, be vigilant and careful. And in any case - do not heal yourself. Be sure to contact an oculist!