Partial atrophy of the optic nerve: symptom and treatment

Atrophy of the optic nerve is the process of death of the fibers of the optic nerve, when the light signal received by the retina is converted into electrical signal and transmitted to the posterior lobes of the brain.

The result of existing violations is narrowing the field of view and reducing its severity.

There are many technologies and methods for preventing eye disease, but it is necessary to diagnose beforehand and not to miss the moment of non-return.

Causes of atrophy of the nerve of the eye

Atrophy of the optic nerve is a consequence of various pathologies. In particular, this disease

  • optic nerve and retina (inflammation,

  • edema,

  • dystrophy,

  • impaired circulation of the optic nerve, etc.),

  • CNS (arachnoiditis, tumors, meningitis, multiple sclerosis, syphilitic lesions of the optic nerve, etc.),

  • as well as hereditary diseases.

  • Diagnosis of the eye

    In the early stages, it is very difficult to diagnose the atrophy of the optic nerve, since the initial changes are manifested in a slight blanching of the disc, and this is difficult to notice. At the same time atrophy of the optic nerve is not in all cases manifested in a decrease in visual acuity.

    There are:

  • primary (simple) atrophy,

  • secondary - after inflammatory.

  • Treatment of partial atrophy of the optic nerve

    The purpose of treating partial optic atrophy is to reduce edema and inflammation, improve blood circulation and trophism of the nerve, and stimulate the remaining nerve fibers.

    Oxygen starvation

    There is the possibility of drug enhancement of blood circulation, in particular, various means are used to improve the nutrition of nerve cells in oxygen starvation. They are administered by simple instillation, injection, and by electrophoresis. In some cases, physiotherapy is prescribed in the form of ultrasound, electrophoresis, oxygen therapy.

    Apparatus Spectrum

    However, the use of photo-therapeutic LED red device "Spectrum" is preferable. In the advanced stage, one should not expect a noticeable therapeutic effect, but at the stage of the initial atrophy of the optic nerve, one can be sure of a positive result.

    However, as always, the best method in fighting this disease is the prevention of partial atrophy of the optic nerve. However, in the case of this disease, healthy diet and exercise can not provide as effective an aid as in other diseases. Here, more specialized technical devices are more effective.

    "Points of Professor Pankov"

    For example, a very effective preventive device is Professor Pankov's Glasses. The use of this device makes it possible to eliminate the causes of the appearance of the initial atrophy of the optic nerve at the very beginning. The light radiation of this device allows to achieve normal blood circulation inside the eye, this eliminates the main cause of the development of the disease. In parallel, the device also helps in the treatment of other ophthalmological defects, including cataracts and glaucoma.