Operations on eyes with strabismus

By agreeing to an operation to eliminate strabismus, one should bear in mind that such surgical treatment makes it possible to relieve a person from external signs of strabismus, but good eyesight does not always return.

In ophthalmological clinics, operations involving strabismus in patients who have not undergone special treatment in childhood for some reason, or have developed this defect in adulthood, such as the result of trauma, are performed in ophthalmic clinics.

What happens during the operation?

In strabismus, two types of operations are performed: weakening and strengthening. In case of a weakening operation, it is necessary to change the attachment point of the muscle, which is transferred further from the cornea. Thus, weaken the influence of a stronger muscle, toward which the eye is deflected.

With an intensifying operation, the muscle is shortened, removing its small fragment, and the point of attachment of the muscle to the eyeball does not change. Thus, the doctor strengthens the influence of a weak muscle, the opposite located. Such a surgical operation makes it possible to restore an adequate muscle balance, strengthening or weakening one of the muscles that move the eyeball.

Operation type

The type of operation can be determined by the surgeon already right on the operating table, since a lot of such features as the individual muscle arrangement in man, the angle of strabismus, the condition of the oculomotor mechanism, the age of the patient, and a number of others will have to be taken into account here.

Usually, operations undergo multiple muscles. Both eyes can be operated at once, but with some types of strabismus enough to work with one eye.

Often, the ophthalmic surgeon makes a combined surgical operation on both weak and strong muscles in both eyes, but such an intervention should be carried out in several stages.

The main expected result of this operation is a significant improvement in the cosmetic effect, as quite a lot of adults, children, and adolescents experience constant psychological pressure due to their appearance. The operation almost always solves this problem.

How is the operation under the eyes with strabismus?

Surgery for correcting strabismus is performed in one day, an anesthetic is made by a local drip and on the same day a person goes home. Final rehabilitation lasts about a week, but after carrying out such a surgical intervention, doctors are appointed to undergo a course of hardware treatment.

Doctors scientists often claim, with normal vision, each eye of a person receives several different images. Everyone can see this without scientists, consistently closing his eyes and surveying the surrounding with his open eye.

Normally, it is necessary that the vision be binocular, that is, the eyesight of the two eyes in the brain must be combined into one image, which is performed by the visual analyzer located in the cerebral cortex and reducing the two images from the eyes into a single image. To a person saw this particular picture, not two separate ones, only operations are not enough, since the brain is not used to such work. In this regard, in order to restore the normal binocular vision, in which two images from the brain's eyes are combined into one, it is necessary to exercise the eye for a rather long time. Therefore, after surgery, a person should receive advice from doctors about the stimulation and full recovery of his vision.