Keratoconus - treatment

The very name of the disease contains its sign - the conical shape of the cornea. This shape is acquired by the cornea of ​​the eye as a result of its thinning. This disease is not an inflammatory process - it is a degenerative process, which can lead to a serious loss of vision.

Keratoconus is affected by every thousandth inhabitant of the planet . The disease is practically not investigated, the reasons for its occurrence and development have not been studied, the course of the disease is difficult to predict. With the defeat of both eyes a person is not able to fully see - read books, drive a car, but vision, however, remains. The use of contact lenses helps, thanks to which keratoconus has ceased to be such a serious problem.

Treatment of Keratoconus

With a constant negative dynamics of keratoconus in 80% of cases, a microsurgical operation is necessary. Keratoconus is susceptible to conservative treatment. Which treatment method will be chosen, largely depends on the features of the course of the disease.

At the beginning of the treatment of keratoconus, the goal is to stop the process of thinning the cornea. To do this, the doctor appoints the patient cylindrical glasses. In case of increased symptoms, the doctor prescribes gas-permeable lenses for the eyes. At the same time, the patient is prescribed eye drops to relieve symptoms and improve the metabolic process in the eye tissues - Typhon, Queens, Emoxipine and other vitamin preparations.

The patient is also prescribed a course of physiotherapy procedures - such as magnetotherapy, phonophoresis. To enhance the effect of treatment is recommended to combine with the use of special equipment at home.

Surgical operation becomes necessary with the rapid progression of keratoconus . To date, there are various methods to effectively and quickly improve the patient's condition through surgery. These include intrastromal keratoplasty - diseased segments of the cornea are replaced by implants; corneal crossings - a combination of collagen fibers; excimer - laser correction; laser thermokeratoplasty. All surgical methods are used in severe cases of keratoconus with already arisen complications - corneal opacity, scarring. In the course of the surgery, the donor cornea is transplanted, subsequently quickly pressing.

Treatment at home

Traditional treatment always has a folk alternative. So in this case - the treatment of keratoconus is possible at home, but it is desirable - with the consent of the ophthalmologist The focus of such treatment is preventive and general restorative measures. With itchy, burning sensations in the eyes, with rapid eye fatigue, folk medicine recommends that you wash your eyes with infusions of sage, mother-and-stepmother. With low immunity, you can drink tea from echinacea. An excellent means of treating keratoconus are also honey and bee products - water solutions for instillation into the eyes are used.