Get rid of cataracts

I want to tell you how my mother got rid of cataract on the eye without surgery. She is already 77 years old. It was treated with a herbal preparation "Perfect Aise", prepared on the basis of the extract of blueberries, and, in addition, it includes 12 more herbs. We thought even a little to treat my mother's vision. After all, her left eye could only see the silhouettes, and in the right - the black "flies" mingled, they could not watch, her mother drank the drug for a month, and not only did her cataract and "flies" disappear, but her vision improved to such an extent that reading books in the services of glasses, she just does not need. One of my friends also had vision problems - something there with a retina of the eye, detachment. After treatment with this drug, her illness ceased to progress, and her vision improved much.