The turn of the century. Kinds of a turn of the century. How is the twist of the century treated?

The eyelid twist or entropion is a pathological condition of the eye, when the upper or lower eyelid with eyelashes turns inward and contacts the cornea of ​​the eye, causing inflammation.

Entropion is a congenital anomaly of the position of the eyelids, at which the edge of the eyelid with the eyelashes growing on it is turned to the eyeball. Most often this provokes the twisting of a small part of the century or the whole century.

Kinds of a turn of a century

The turn of the lower eyelid is more often observed. This is due to the weaker lower cartilage, which is less stable than the upper one to deforming effects of different nature. With the turn of the century, not only the cosmetic defect of the eye develops, but also the inflammatory processes in its structures.

In the eye clinic, different kinds of entropion are differentiated:

  • Old man. There is such a pathology due to the physiological weakening of the muscles, keeping the eyelids in the correct position. The old form of entropion is observed in both eyes, most often on the lower eyelids.

  • Cicatricial pathology develops against the background of the transferred inflammatory diseases in the conjunctiva of the eye, after traumatizing the eyelids (burn injuries). In such cases, between the eyelid and the conjunctiva, scar tissue develops, which eventually turns the eyelid inward.

  • Mechanical. This species develops against the background of tumors in the structures of the eye. Neoplasms can metastasize into the eyelid, and deform it, causing a twist.

  • Congenital, genetically conditioned view of the turn of the century is formed in utero. The upper curvature is caused by the anomaly of the formation of the eyeball, and the lower one is caused by the anomaly of the formation and development of the fixing muscle of the eyelid.

  • Paralytic, develops on the background of paralysis of the ocular muscle, arising for various reasons.

  • Determine the presence of the eyelid twist is easy even without medical diagnosis. A patient with this condition has a sensation of the presence of a foreign body in the eye. More details can be considered pathology in ophthalmological examination with the help of special equipment.

    The constant contact of the eyelashes with the cornea and conjunctiva of the eye leads to their irritation and inflammation. This creates unpleasant pain in the form of rubbing, itching and burning inside the eye. With the progression of the pathological process, microtraumas of the cornea and conjunctiva develop, erosion, photophobia, and abundant lacrimation.

    Subsequently, the cornea of ​​the eye becomes turbid, sprouting with additional blood vessels, which impair the quality of eyesight. In this case, a bacterial infection is often attached, which can cause complete destruction of the corneal structure and subsequently lead to complete loss of vision.

    How do they heal the eyelid in different cases?

    Virtually all kinds of entropion are treated surgically.

    If the process has just begun and there is a small entropion, then perhaps conservative treatment in the form of a superimposition of eyelid stretching plasters.

  • The age-old turn of the century is treated promptly . A feature of the course of the disease in the elderly is the risk of recurrence even after the operation. For temporary correction, solutions are used to moisten the eyeball, fixing the eyelid with plaster, the introduction of botulinum toxin, the use of soft contact lenses.

  • Scarring and mechanical eyelid twists are also treated promptly, while the formed scar is removed. Or the neoplasm is removed and the plastic of the deformed eyelid is performed.

  • The therapy of congenital entropion is aimed at restoring the correct position of the century. , elimination of existing anomalies of eye development. Surgical treatment is performed.

  • To ensure the protection of the cornea of ​​the eye, soft contact lenses, moistening drops and preparations that promote its regeneration are used.

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    Why does the turn of the century often occur in the elderly?

    The age-old turn of the century is due to the stretching of the muscles and ligaments of the eyelid, reducing their tone and changing the structure of the cartilage of the eyelid (tarsal plate). As a result, they can not hold the eyelid in a physiological position, and its edge begins to wrap in the eye. For senile entropion, its manifestation is characteristic in both eyes.

    The age-related degeneration of the tissues surrounding the orbit leads to the following consequences:

  • Horizontal weakening of the eyelids. It develops due to the stretching of the tendon of the eye gap and the tarsal cartilage;

  • Vertical instability of the eyelids, accompanied by a sagging of the upper and lower eyelids down.

  • Symptomatology of the condition consists in a constant feeling of foreign bodies in the organ of vision, sensation of sand on the conjunctiva, lachrymation, photophobia, blepharospasm of the circular eye muscle.

    Blepharospasm (spastic contraction of the circular muscle) leads to further progression of the condition and the development of inflammation of the cornea. Often, a bacterial infection is attached to the mechanical damage to the cornea and erosion develops, which is dangerous for the formation of ulcers.

    With age-related entropion, the turn of the lower eyelid is almost always formed, since the upper eyelid is more resistant to deformations. With the long course of the disease - pseudotrichiasis, not only erosions, but also scars that grow, form a pannus - inflammation of the cornea, which leads to a decrease in visual acuity.

    Exercises to prevent entropion

    In order not to allow the development of the eyelid twist, especially in the elderly, it is necessary not only to observe the hygiene of the organ of vision, but also to perform a number of exercises. One of the non-traditional exercises for the muscles of the eye is palming. This is a very simple exercise, the technique of which is accessible to all.

    First you need to actively rub your palms before the appearance of heat. Then the palms are folded crosswise, so that when they are applied on the face a notch is formed for the nose. The eyes must be closed and the palms laid on them a little round, like a bowl. Breathing should be free. In this case, the eyes and muscles of the eyes receive heat from the palms of the hands. Half a minute of darkness removes not only eye pains, but also spasms of the eyelids, headache, tension.

    It is possible that the first session will not bring a tangible result. But palming can be done several times a day. It is important during the exercise to relax not only the spine, but also the entire body. To do this, you must sit in a chair in a comfortable position, and place your elbows on your knees or on the surface of the table.

    There are other types of exercises to prevent the development of entropion and strengthen the eyelids. Here such, for example. You must immerse your face in clear water, open your eyes and blink. Raise your face and lower it again and blink in the water with your eyes open. Exercise to repeat 3-4 times. You can do it every day.

    To strengthen the otagloss muscles, you can make limescale lotions. To prepare the infusion, one must make one tablespoon of lime flowers with a glass of boiling water. Leave to stand for 3-4 hours, drain. Moisten the cosmetic disc in the infusion, lightly squeeze and apply on closed eyelids. Keep for 5-7 minutes. Such procedures not only strengthen the eyelids. But also relieve tired eyes.

    Diseases, which can lead to the turn of the century

    One of the most dangerous diseases that can develop in the chronic turn of the century is keratitis. It is an inflammation of the cornea of ​​the eye. Keratitis can be of different nature, among them there are exogenous, developed for reasons emanating from the environment:

  • Due to physical, mechanical, or chemical irritation or trauma to the cornea. Such irritants include irritation of the cornea with eyelashes wrapped inside.

  • Ulcerative keratitis, they form against the background of constant irritation of the cornea. This is possible with microtraumas of the cornea eyelash wrapped century.

  • Developed against the background of conjunctivitis, inflammation of the eyelids and meibomian glands.

  • Folk remedies and nontraditional methods of treatment

    In the treatment of pathology, it is necessary to observe the enhanced hygienic regime of the organ of vision. It consists in the systematic washing of the eyes with antiseptic solutions prepared on grasses.

    It is necessary to make hygienic baths for eyes from black tea or the present of lime color. Eyes should be washed with water with contrasting temperature, first - warm, and then cool. It tones up the eyelids. To strengthen them, you can apply on the closed eyes circles of fresh cucumber.

    Danger of turning the eyelid

    The twist of the century is not a pathology dangerous to life. But this condition causes discomfort, lowers the person's level of life and can cause inflammation of the cornea of ​​the eye.

    A stable eyelid turn can cause ulcers and scars on the cornea, which leads to a decrease in vision, and in some cases to a loss. Therefore, it is not necessary to ignore the initial stages of the developing entropion, when it can be eliminated by simply directing it to a physiological position and conducting therapy not related to surgery.

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