Gnoyutsya eyes in consequence of conjunctivitis or dacryocystitis

Any infection, a cold can cause inflammation of the conjunctiva - it's a transparent shell of the eye. Especially often conjunctivitis occurs in children. Conjunctivitis is classified into bacterial, viral and allergic - for the reasons that caused the disease.

One of the symptoms of conjunctivitis is purulent discharge from the eye, causing gluing of the eyelids in the morning. Other signs include causeless tearing, and often one glazik tears more than the other; on the eyelids yellow crusts are formed; fear of bright light; sand in the eyes (if the child can already complain). In advanced stages, eyelids can swell. Conjunctivitis causes a lot of unpleasant sensations in children, which causes vagaries, bad sleep, itching and permanent rubbing of the eyes with handles.

Help with the allocation of pus from the eyes

When the first symptoms of conjunctivitis appear, go to the oculist immediately, although the first help to the child can be provided independently:

  • Rinse the eyes with lukewarm boiled water and rub each eye with a separate clean cotton swab (you can use an aqueous solution of furacilin), from the outer to the inner corner of the eye.

  • If it is obvious festering eyes, help can be provided by washing with a solution of boric acid or a little pink solution of potassium permanganate. After washing, you should drip a pair of drops of a twenty percent solution of albucid or 0.3% solution of levomycetin in each eye beyond the inner edge of the lower eyelid.

  • Conjunctivitis

    Conjunctivitis - infectious disease, take hygienic measures to prevent the transition of infection to the second eye, to yourself and other family members. Wash and disinfect hands after contact with the patient.

    The cause of eyes dullness in very young children can be transmitted in the womb of the mother's infection, which could occur during a cold disease of a pregnant woman. A child who often suffers from conjunctivitis should be protected from drafts and infection and any foreign particles in the eyes, even a small mote in the eye of the baby, can provoke the next outbreak of conjunctivitis.


    In addition to conjunctivitis, there is another trouble - dacryocystitis. The disease is common in newborns relatively often, but, thank God, it is quite easy to cure with timely measures. The symptom is the same - this is suppressed by the eyes, but the disease is caused not by infections, but by the underdevelopment of the tear duct. Most often, the obstruction of the lacrimal canal in infants up to two months old is caused by the formation of a gelatinous plug in the canal. Usually, defeat occurs only on one eye. When the eye channel is closed, as in dacryocystitis, tears accumulate, overwhelm the eyelid and profuse lachrymation, observed at first, is replaced by inflammation, reddening of the eye and as a result all ends with suppuration. The best treatment in this case is to contact a specialist.

    Washing is performed in the hospital. It uses a solution of furacilin, chamomile or tea leaves. A special massage is performed, dripping against infectious drops or an antibiotic. Do not rinse or bury the eye with breast milk, which is the breeding ground for bacteria.

    Massage of the eyes (lacrimal sac) can be carried out independently, after each feeding. It is located near the inside of the eye slot. It is necessary to press on the lacrimal sac and spend ten times with your fingers up and down. If the massage is done correctly, pus will flow more strongly. Do not be afraid to make a reasonable effort. Treatment is more effective the younger the child.

    Sore eyes - folk medicine to help

    In adults, the eyes suppurate. , as a result of conjunctivitis, and because of clogging, any injury. The cause may be other diseases, which are better treated by a doctor. But to eliminate the suppuration of the eyes, you can try using these recipes:

    • One hundred grams of fresh rose hips + a glass of water, boiled for five hours, used for lotions.

    • Three tablespoons of herbs and chamomile flowers, pour a glass of boiling water, insist for an hour with the lid closed. Filter and make gadgets on the eyes.

    • Two tablespoons of marigold to pour a glass of boiling water, insist, after filtering use for lotions. Effective tincture of calendula, before applying it ten times diluted with water, as well as ointment (one part of tincture on four parts of the base, for example, oil). It is used for suppuration of eyes, barley. Ready tinctures and ointment of marigold can be purchased at the pharmacy. I'll give you a tincture of Japanese Sophora fruit for the treatment of inflamed eyes.

    One of the ancient and harmless folk remedies is to apply a rag moistened with urine to the closed eyes for a quarter of an hour.