Gymnastics for the eyes with farsightedness! treatment of hyperopia by folk manipulations

Have you ever heard that the Caucasian aksakals can boast of perfect vision, without any complaints of hyperopia, even in extreme old age? At the age of ninety-one hundred years they see that any young man can envy. What is the cause of mass loss of sight in other nations? First, in the way of life. We spend less time on the move, dying before the screen of TVs and monitors, thinking that such gatherings can pass completely and naturally, that behind the TV there is no talk about gymnastics for the eyes, there is no question. The efficiency of our eyes is disturbed even in youth and at school age, if parents and teachers do not pay attention to how the child is sitting at the desk, how close or far the book is holding. Correct problems with the eyes can be in childhood, if not start a beginning illness. Then there is the possibility that you will not have to wear glasses for the rest of your life.

One of the eye diseases that requires treatment, including special exercises, is farsightedness. The farsightedness is characterized by the violation and loss of vision, the loss of natural functions by the eye due to the fact that the eyeball is condensed. With farsightedness may develop headaches, eye irritation, difficulty in viewing the font, etc. medicine knows many ways how to cure hyperopia, for this modern equipment is used today. Treatment can cost a lot, so you can learn how to cure hyperopia with special exercises, gymnastics for the eyes, without the intervention of doctors.

Gymnastics for the eyes with farsightedness

Exercise 1

Before you start to practice special exercises, you need to prepare your eyes, because in any case you need a warm-up. In this case, the relaxation of the eyeball will serve as a warm-up. The exercise has the name of the palm tree is . In translation from English, "palm" means palm. Therefore, the exercises are performed accordingly with the help of these parts of the hands. Cover your eyes with your hands so that their center is at eye level. Fingers arrange as you like. The principle is that no light penetrates the eyes. Do not put pressure on your eyes, just cover them. Close your eyes and lean on any surface with your hands. Remember something pleasant for you, so you completely relax and get rid of stress. Do not try to forcibly relax your eyes, so nothing will come of it. Involuntarily, the eye muscles themselves will relax, as soon as you digress from this goal and in thought will be somewhere far away. From the palms of the hands must come a slight warmth, warming the eyes. Sit in this position for a few minutes. Then, very slowly, gradually opening your palms, and then your eyes, return to normal lighting. This exercise can be used to both cure hyperopia, and to conduct its prevention.

Gymnastics for the eyes with farsightedness

Exercise 2 The following special exercises can also be to correct sight. They contribute to increased visual acuity, normalize the blood circulation of the eyes, relieve tension in the cervical spine with prolonged sedentary work. called the exercise "writing nose." Sit down comfortably, imagine that our nose is a pencil or pen. If the tip of the nose is very hard to see, then just imagine that the nose is not as short, but approximately as a pointer, and at its end is attached a pencil. Do everything so that your eyes are not tense, but relaxed. Moving your head and neck, write in the air a word. You can draw. It is important that the eyes do not detach from the imaginary line that is being created. Do this exercise for about fifteen minutes.

Another special exercise for the eyes with farsightedness

Exercise 3

When visual acuity is disturbed and a distracted glance, it is useful to engage in such special exercises. Place your fingers at the eye level. Slightly dilute them and try to examine all the objects around you through your fingers. Turn gradually the head to the sides, without moving your fingers. Do not pay attention to fingers, just consider what is visible through them. If you perform the exercise correctly, it may seem after thirty turns that the hands are also in motion. This will mean that the exercise is performed correctly.

At home, you can use Sivtsev's table, which is available in every office at the eye doctor. It will need to be read every day. Hyperopia is characterized by a decrease in the ability to read near, so this function must be restored. Try not to stop looking at the letters when reading this table. Read as if between the lines. The path of movement for your eyes is the interline white intervals. Such an exercise should be done by holding a table. Then hang it at a distance from yourself no less than five meters and try to read this way. At any employment by these special exercises it is necessary to use at first normal illumination, and then slightly to muffle it. Exercise should be done before there is a strong fatigue. In this case, usually takes no more than ten to fifteen minutes.

Sivtsev's table can be replaced by . Use two dials: small, wristwatch and the one that is on your desktop alarm clock. Close one eye with the palm of your hand, look at the desk clock, focus on the number one. Look at it for a few minutes, then look at the wristwatch also at the number one. So alternately move your eyes to all the figures, doing deep breathing exercises and deep exhalation during exercises.

You can use not only exercises to know how to cure hyperopia, but also just relax, relax eyes with prolonged work, peer at the sky, water, green plants. Pay more attention to your diet, so that your eyes have enough vitamins and microelements. For visual acuity, often eat carrots, liver beef or liver cod, squirrels, fresh greens. And remember, even if you still do not have any problems with the eyes, it is not superfluous to conduct preventive exercises to prevent such.