Herpes on the eye - treatment

Herpes Is an insidious infection that affects all organs of the human body, including the eyes. And, the causative agent of herpes can exist in the body for many years and does not reveal itself. Herpes on the eyes is called ophthalmoherpes.

Herpes of the eye is expressed in various diseases: skin lesions of the eyelids, keratitis, iridocyclitis, chorioretinitis, optic neuritis, acute retinal necrosis, herpetic retinopathy. All these diseases of herpetic nature become chronic and often lead to complications.

Treatment of herpes on the eye

Treatment of any herpes, including ophthalmoherpes, is a difficult task. The therapeutic scheme depends on the form of the clinical manifestation of herpes on the eye. If the lesion is superficial, the ophthalmologist is limited to etiotropic and symptomatic treatment. Etiotropic treatment suppresses the pathogen, symptomatic alleviates the condition of a person, removing symptoms - edema, lacrimation, pain, etc.

For success in the treatment of herpes on the eye, the direct effect on the herpes virus is of primary importance. To this end, the doctor goes in three directions: appoints antiviral drugs (such as Acyclovir or its derivatives), nonspecific and immunostimulants (immunoglobulins, interferon), specific immunostimulants (antiherpetic immunoglobulin, vaccination).

The best result is observed from the use of medications with different mechanisms of action. Symptoms with this approach are eliminated quickly enough, the frequency of relapses decreases.

If deep structures of the eye are affected, then the ophthalmologist decides to resort to surgical intervention. Choose one of the methods of surgical treatment - microdiathermocoagulation, neurotomy, keratoplasty or lacerocoagulation. With the help of these methods it is possible to eliminate or limit lesions.

Symptomatic treatment consists in the use of various drugs in - vitamin, antivenemic, anticonvulsant. Anesthetics are also used. All of them are injected by drip, by phonophoresis or by electrophoresis.

Preparations for the treatment of ophthalmoherpes

Etiotropic treatment is carried out locally using drops in the eyes and ointments, as well as the use of tablets orally, injectable form of drug administration. The most commonly prescribed drugs for direct exposure to the herpes virus are as follows:

  • Oftan IMU

  • Griffuorothymidine is an analog of the IMT Oftan. Eye drops

  • Vidarabine is a structural analogue of adenine. Eye drops

  • Acyclovir. Ointment, tablets

  • Valtrex is the derivative of Acyclovir. Tablets

  • antiviral synthetic agents Florenal, Ryodoksol, Bonafton. Ointments.

  • Ointments should be placed behind the eyelids and applied to the skin around the eyes.

    Preparations of the immunoglobulin series:

  • Interferon A. Drops in the eyes

  • Reaferon. Eyeglacial injection, drip around the eye

  • Interlock. Drops in the eyes

  • Interferon inducers: Poludan, Pyrogenal, Tactivine, Sodium Nuclein, Cycloferon, Amiksin. Tablets, injections - systemically, locally.