Treatment of strabismus in adults

Strabismus, this is the deviation of the visual axis of the eye from the joint point of fixation for the two eyes. Outwardly it is easy to determine, because immediately it seems that the eyes are looking in different directions.

An important factor in successful treatment is the early diagnosis of this ophthalmic defect, because the ability of a person to see a sick eye quickly enough is quickly lost.

How to eliminate strabismus in an adult?

There are a number of methods for eliminating this defect, and the optimal one is chosen by the doctor taking into account the age of the patient, the cause of strabismus, the side and the degree of deviation.

The doctor can offer wearing glasses, classes on synoptophor, gluing, but also surgical treatment.

The meaning of the stickers is the temporary closure of the healthy eye, then the brain strengthens the work of the affected person, his training, development takes place and vision can improve over time. However, this method is applicable, mainly, for the treatment of strabismus in children, and for adults it is less effective. By the way, the operation is not a radical solution to the problem, since it is a cosmetic remedy, and binocular vision alone can not restore it. It is recommended for those who, for various reasons, did not treat this pathology as a child or is a consequence of trauma. Strabismus correction surgery can be performed under local or general anesthesia. There are several ways to surgically eliminate strabismus, and the choice is determined by the angle of eye deflection.

The most common and convenient method of correcting strabismus is wearing glasses, and the same goal can be achieved using special soft lenses. A hardware method for treating strabismus in the form of special programs aimed at increasing visual acuity was developed and applied.

Folk methods of strabismus treatment

There are a number of methods of traditional medicine, but they are effective only at the initial stage of development of this pathology, and they must necessarily be combined with strengthening of the eye muscle.

For example, is used. of the phytocap . For their preparation on a coffee grinder you need to grind the seeds to take ten grams of the received powder, brew them with a glass of boiling water, wrap the container and insist for an hour. Next, the drug should be filtered and buried in each eye three times a day for two drops. Another variety of drops is a mixture of quality honey, fresh apple juice and onion juice in a ratio of 3: 3: 1. Phyto drops should be applied before bedtime until persistent vision improvement.

To internal preparations the decoction of a root of aira concerns. Ten grams of dried roots of ayr brewed with boiling water and then boiled for another couple of minutes, then cover with a lid and insist an hour. After filtering, the drug is taken half a glass up to four times a day for twenty minutes before meals.

One hundred grams of pine needles are boiled and heated up to forty minutes in a water bath, and they are consumed half a glass up to five times a day.

An excellent method of self-treatment of strabismus are physical activities that correct vision. For example, cover a healthy eye with your hand, thus, a squinting eye is loaded.

Then do the exercises:

Straighten forward the arm and fix the sight on the index finger. Then the finger is approximated by ten centimeters from the nose. Moving a finger, divert the eye one by one to the right and to the left, away. Also, reaching the highest possible, slowly raise the eye up and down. When the eye is squinted, it is necessary to push the leg forward, bend, reach the toes, then raise the hand, all the while watching with an eye after it. Repeat up to twelve times. If the right eye mows, then use the left arm and leg, and vice versa.

Before correcting strabismus, a precise diagnosis is needed. It is necessary to determine the causes of strabismus, all disorders and accompanying diseases, which will have to be eliminated. If the strabismus is caused by trauma, it is necessary to be examined by a neurologist.

Treatment of adult strabismus can take several years, and almost all life will have to undergo regular examinations.