What is the cause and what needs to be done?

The eyes are, as you know, the mirror of the soul, and if something goes wrong with them, it will be noticeable to everyone around you and to you in the first place. And something does not happen when a vial bursts in the eye. In what there can be a reason and that it is necessary to do in this case?

The vessel burst. - this phenomenon not only spoils the appearance of the eyes, but it's just unpleasant. As a rule, there is nothing to worry about, since this problem in most cases disappears by itself in a couple of days. However, it happens that the vessels begin to burst with "enviable" regularity, and here it is worth thinking about and taking action, having previously established the cause of such a phenomenon. After all, weak blood vessels can indicate the development of the disease.

The causes of problems with the vessels in the eyes

There is not one reason why a vessel in the eye can burst. One of the most common - suddenly and sharply jumped up blood pressure. In this case, a person usually feels a strong weakness, he has nausea, general weakness, the head begins to spin. At that moment, the vascular can burst in the eye. By the way, this same result can also happen when the weather changes and when the body temperature rises.

The vessel in the eye can burst and due to any injury or penetration into the eye of a foreign body. And in this case, the bursting vessel and the redness that appears are the least of the evils that can happen as a result of trauma.

Also, the cause of vomiting in the eye can be various chronic diseases. This reason is the most serious and requires careful examination. About her talk separately.

Diseases that provoke rupture of the vessels in the eye

To such diseases it is possible to rank first of all diabetes, as well as any other pathologies, the consequence of which can be a deficiency of vitamin C.

Vessels in the eyes may burst due to keratitis or conjunctivitis. In addition to such a symptom, as the redness of the eyes, there are other symptoms - eyelid swelling, lacrimation, etc. Then it is necessary to contact the ophthalmologist.

What if the vessel in the eye burst?

First, just observe the state of the eyes. It is possible that in a few days the problem will disappear by itself. If there are no painful sensations, but there is only an erythema, there is nothing to worry about. If the redness lasts more than two weeks and is accompanied by other symptoms, then you should seek professional help.

Treatment consists in eliminating the cause of weakness of the eye vessels. The specialist can prescribe eye drops with anti-inflammatory action or injections. In addition, you need to provide the eyes with rest, perform eye exercises and make compresses with warm black tea or chamomile.

In addition to exercises, massage and compresses, you can treat the eyes with special medications. A doctor can prescribe medications to strengthen blood vessels and vitamins. Vitamin complexes containing beta-carotene and blueberry extract perfectly strengthen the vessels. It is also necessary to take B vitamins, vitamins A and C. Very useful are firming drops for the eyes - such as Quinax, Catachrome.

And remember: do not overwork the eyes, give them rest as often as possible!