Diseases of the eye: causes, symptoms and underlying eye diseases

How often with age we begin to regret that we missed in our youth - did not understand, did not hear, did not heed the advice. That's exactly what happens when it comes to the eyes. And parents and teachers in schools, and then in institutions, told us in one voice - take care of your eyes! Do not sit low with your head down, do not read in a dark room and in a shaking bus or lying on the couch! Alas, the consequences of all this we feel only then, when the cock, as they say, already pecked.

For their frivolity we begin to pay off already by about 40-45 years, when irreversible processes begin to occur, aggravated by age changes and eye diseases are only a part of this. Plus, it is at this age that hereditary problems begin to appear. The general metabolism is disrupted, "diseases" such as atherosclerosis, diabetes mell ill become "profitable." The role of genetically conditioned processes of premature aging also plays a role. As a result, virtually all of this age lose their visual acuity.

For a long time already doctors are trying to find a way that protects us from the disastrous consequences of progress - day and night we sit at the computer, watch TV, read in the wrong place and in an unsuitable position, tensely peering into the distance behind the wheel of the car. All this destroys our eyes, makes them vulnerable.

But not only this worsens the sight of a person.

Causes of eye disease

Let's list some more causes, leading to loss of vision:

  • unfavorable ecology and economic conditions of the surrounding reality;

  • diseases associated with the metabolism, cardiovascular diseases;

  • smoking;

  • low stress resistance;

  • lack of vitamins, antioxidants, elements rarely found in food such as selenium, zinc, iodine;

  • Diseases of the eye

    The main diseases of the eye are

  • Myopia. One of the most common eye diseases. It affects both adults and children.

  • Halyazion. a disease of the eye, in which under the eyelid, most often under the upper, appears a round ball - the inner barley. Cosmetic defect in this case is not the worst, much worse - the complications in which the inflammation spreads to surrounding tissues.

  • Dry eye syndrome. This disease requires an accurate history and a systematic approach to the causes of the onset and possible therapies.

  • Barley. This disease is familiar to almost everyone. It happens due to infection in the eye and requires a mandatory complete course of treatment to prevent possible relapses.

  • Cataract. The opacity of the lens is a phenomenon to which sooner or later everything comes. This disease is almost impossible to prevent, but you can slow down its growth.

  • Macular degeneration. The defeat of the central parts of the retina, leading to blindness.

  • Conjunctivitis. It is an inflammation of the mucosa of the eyeball, manifested by reddening and purulent secretions.

  • Color blindness. Distorted color perception, mostly - congenital, in which colors do not differ or are confused.

  • Scrolls. Inflammation of the sclera - the fibrous membrane of the eyeball, develops against the background of autoimmune pathologies.

  • Blepharitis. Inflammation of the edges of the eyelids, manifested by the reddening of the eyelids. Peeling, gluing eyelashes, itching.

  • Retinal dystrophy. This is a whole group of diseases. It is characterized by a violation of the light-receiving function of the eye's shell. Diseases of the eye are congenital and acquired.