Fracture of the rib: how to treat fracture of the rib and symptoms

Fracture of the rib Is a trauma of the chest resulting from any physical or mechanical impact (a strong direct blow to the chest, a drop in weight on the chest, a fall from the height, etc.). In this case, the fracture can be either multiple (several ribs) or and single (fracture of one rib).

The rubbing debris inside the chest creates a characteristic sound that is heard if you put your head against the patient's chest. The patient thus feels pain during inspiration and /or exhalation.

Fracture of the rib can be of two types:

  • complicated,

  • uncomplicated.

  • Uncomplicated fractures of one or two ribs are treated at home, but after a mandatory examination by a doctor of the X-ray study done in the emergency room. With complicated fractures, patients should be hospitalized.

    How to treat a broken rib uncomplicated?

    Uncomplicated fracture of the rib . In case of uncomplicated fracture, the patient is first of all assigned to bed rest and restriction in movement - the patient should be provided with complete rest.

    Gypsum bandage with a complicated fracture is not imposed.

    How to treat a broken rib? Anesthetics are administered in the first week.

    With a unilateral fracture of the rib on the healthy side, banks or mustard plasters are placed to prevent possible stagnant phenomena that can lead to pleurisy or pneumonia.

    During the entire recovery period, the patient must comply with the principles of therapeutic nutrition. Food should include foods rich in calcium, proteins and vitamin D. On the recommendation of the doctor, the patient also takes special preparations containing calcium and vitamin D.

    The rehabilitation period is about four weeks.

    Treatment of a complicated fracture of the


    Complicated fracture of the rib It is treated only in a hospital setting under the supervision of a physician. In this case, in case of damage to the internal organs as a result of fracture of the rib, the patient is given an urgent operation.

    Multiple fractures of the ribs of medium and greatest severity should be treated in a comprehensive manner. It is necessary to relieve the pain and fix the fragments of the rib. In addition, the doctor should take care of the removal of injuries inside the chest - the paradoxical displacement of the chest.

    To eliminate the deformation of the chest and ensure normal conditions for ventilation of the lungs, large rib valves are pulled by the sternum or ribs with a weight of 2-5 kilos in weight for 2-4 weeks.

    To prevent pneumonia, antibiotic therapy is prescribed.

    Rehabilitation period takes from one and a half to two months.