Tuberculosis. The main signs of tuberculosis in the early stages

Tuberculosis is a very serious illness, but it is often difficult to determine it, because often the signs of the disease are not different from a simple cough or bronchitis. Lung disease is best diagnosed with fluorography.

There are a lot of ways to get tuberculosis, for example:

  • from a person already sick with this disease,

  • from cattle,

  • airborne droplets.

  • Early signs of tuberculosis are:

  • increased fatigue,

  • a certain increase in body temperature, which may be slightly higher than normal, but this should still be noted,

  • can be felt headaches,

  • there is an increase in the liver and bronchitis.

  • Insidiousness of the early stage of tuberculosis lies in the fact that the signs of the disease are very similar to ordinary influenza, this is the complexity of diagnosis. In case of suspicion of tuberculosis, it is necessary to make an X-ray, on which it is easier to determine this disease. It is advisable to go through the whole complex of medical examinations, which the doctor will appoint you.

    Fluorography is included in all types of medical examination. Still, the main factor that you should be alarmed at an early stage is the fever, especially if it does not pass as quickly as it does with the flu.

    Children in the early stages of tuberculosis may simply enlarge their lymph nodes.

    The main signs of tuberculosis are

    It is necessary to pay attention to the signs of tuberculosis at early stages:

  • heart palpitations,

  • stomach pain,

  • growth of lymph nodes,

  • bronchitis,

  • enlargement of the liver.

  • The difference from the usual flu, is that the cough does not stop, the temperature continues to hold, despite the use of appropriate medications. This also applies to persistent wheezing in the lungs. The tests performed in the case of tuberculosis will show an excessive amount of protein in the urine and an elevated level of ESR in the blood.

    Types of tuberculosis

    There are different types of tuberculosis, which differ somewhat in their manifestations. And if, in addition to the fever, the child has obviously inflamed the lymph nodes, it can talk about tuberculosis intoxication, that is, the penetration of the tubercle bacillus into the body.

    And if the temperature is accompanied by a noticeable weight loss of the child, rapid fatigue and pallor, the appearance of cough, this combination of symptoms often indicates tuberculosis of the bronchial glands. A distinctive and guaranteed sign Tuberculosis of the lungs is guaranteed to proceed at a prolonged high temperature, this is the hallmark of this type of disease. And pains in joints and muscles are often signs of tuberculosis of bones. A timely call to a doctor in this case can prevent developing limp.