Turpentine ointment: Applicable for bronchitis

Turpentine ointment not the only warming agent for coughing, but very effective.

The main ingredient of turpentine ointment is turpentine oil, a product of distillation of pine grease. Turpentine, this pale, burning taste of semi-transparent substance that does not dissolve in water and has a characteristic odor.

The need for warming of the chest arises with a cold, cough, sore throat, provoked by viral infections. Often in the primary stage of heating, mustard and cans are used, after which it is useful to rub the back and chest with turpentine ointment.

Children under the age of two should not be treated with warming ointments, because the skin of the child's body is very tender skin, and any ointment irritates the skin. Allergic reactions may develop - redness, burning, swelling, rash or itching. Therefore, even applying ointment for adults, you should make sure that there is no allergy and individual intolerance of the substance. You should also read the instructions for use carefully.

Application of turpentine ointment with bronchitis

With bronchitis the agent is applied to skin areas in the region of the chest and back, as well as to the feet, thus achieving a warming effect of the drug. Before applying the ointment it is desirable to rub the skin or warm it with mustard plasters and cans.

It is impossible to admit:

  • getting turpentine ointment in places with scratches, cuts, bruises on the skin;

  • In addition, do not rub the heart area and the nipple zone with warming ointment;

  • should refrain from using turpentine ointment for pregnant women and nursing mothers.

  • After applying the ointment of the child, it is necessary to wrap the sheet, cover it with a blanket or woolen shawl and put it under the blanket. If the ointment was applied to the baby's feet, warm socks should be worn. The same applies to adults who, after the procedure, should be kept warm and in no case should they plan any trips to the street. After suffering a couple of hours, you should take a warm shower and wash off the turpentine.

    Turpentine ointment in a state to cure and chronic cough, due to the warming effect, sputum is effectively diluted, expanding the pores, it makes it possible to breathe freely the skin.

    When treating bronchitis turpentine ointment is better to apply at night.

    Before rubbing the ointment of the child should consult a pediatrician.

    Do not apply turpentine ointment when:

  • elevated temperature;

  • if there is irritation on the skin;

  • inflammatory processes in the kidney and liver;

  • asthma;

  • dermatitis.

  • That's why the doctor's consultation is necessary. More than a week turpentine ointment should not be used.

    If the redness of the skin is observed when applying the ointment, then it should be mixed equally with the baby cream. With a strong cough, very effective may be a mixture of ointments with liquid honey or badger fat. This will significantly speed up the procedure of treatment.

    Independent use of the ointment without taking into account individual characteristics, in particular, individual intolerance, is fraught with the occurrence of seizures, asphyxiation and falling blood pressure. The appearance of these side effects is a signal that the ointment should be washed off immediately with water.

    The frequency and duration of use of this remedy is better coordinated with the attending physician.