Attack of bronchial asthma

Everyone who has ever seen an asthma attack knows how terrible it is: man stops breathing! What can we say about asthmatics themselves, who are afraid to even think about impending symptoms: chest tightness, difficulty breathing with loud wheezing, boring, burning pain in the chest. However, in a large percentage of cases, the symptoms taken by doctors for bronchial asthma turn out to be a psychosomatic disease that arises as a result of a stressful (especially prolonged) exposure to a person. That is, the attack is due to the very fear of an attack.

Or simply because of total fear and overexertion. That is why, in addition to drugs that facilitate breathing during an attack, patients should have in their "arsenal of self-help" also the skills of mental self-regulation. Let's talk about the most likely attacks of bronchial asthma and the causes of the disease. It should be noted that during the attack of bronchial asthma, not only the patient himself, but also the people surrounding him may panic. By experience, I can say that the illiterate behavior of family and loved ones can only aggravate the situation. So let's figure out what to do during an asthmatic attack, and if necessary, behave calmly and confidently. When asthmatic attacks and causes for the removal of spasms are usually prescribed ephedrine, euphyllin, papaverine. And to improve the separation of sputum - 5-10% solution of potassium iodide (1 tablespoon 3-6 times a day).

After taking medication, the patient should be freed from tight clothing (unfasten the collar, remove the tie), ensure fresh air. If possible, the hands and feet should be lowered into hot water or put on them mustard plasters. The area of ​​the heart must be ground with a cloth soaked in cold water with vinegar and salt (if the patient does not have pulmonary disease). You can also cool the whiskey and forehead of the patient with alcohol or cologne. Facilitates the attack of upper body massage from the head down to the top of the chest and back. Massage with the disease and its causes should be done with a massage cream or, if it is not, with something oily.

Sitting in the chair, take the most comfortable position and take a deep breath. Breathe smoothly, calmly, close your eyes. Relax all the muscles. So that they really relax for this reason, you will have to go through inner attention throughout the body. Let's start with the face. Feel the muscles of the whole face flow. It is not a bad idea to supplement these exercises with positive self-adjustment during the day. Speak (or better yet - inspire) yourself several times a day: "I accept life in a completely different form I do not hold evil against her or the people around me I am given the freedom to dispose of my life the way I want, and I will do it as best as possible Every day I get better and better in every respect "