Chronic bronchitis treatment at home with folk remedies

Chronic bronchitis is called bronchial disease, which was caused by prolonged exposure to negative factors on the bronchial system. Chronic bronchitis is an inflammatory disease, the consequence of which often became malfunctioning of the bronchial system. In more cases, it helps to overcome chronic bronchitis with folk remedies, properly selected and organized.

Chronic bronchitis can arise as an independent disease or as a complication as a result of a previous illness. The causes of chronic bronchitis can be divided into two groups - external and internal. External factors include all those factors that exert an action from outside: it's climate, breathing polluted air, smoking, working in harmful production and various epidemics of viral infections. Internal, however, is a consequence of diseases suffered by the human body, such as acute respiratory viral infection, acute bronchitis, various diseases of the nasopharynx.

Among the symptoms, accompanying chronic bronchitis, you can identify shortness of breath and wet cough, weakness and rapid fatigue, sweating and high body temperature.

In clinical practice, the chronic bronchitis subdivision in the form of the disease course is obstructive and non-obstructive. Non-obstructive bronchitis is accompanied by a cough, in which a small amount of watery sputum is released. In the case of aggravation of the disease, sputum may acquire a purulent character, and then it is customary to talk about obstructive bronchitis, a prominent feature of which is a severe cough accompanied by severe dyspnea. It is with this form is often observed hemoptysis. The manifestation of this sign can not be ignored, as hemoptysis can become a sign of lung cancer.

Traditional medicine for many years has made many recipes for the treatment of chronic bronchitis; some of them are listed below.

Chronic bronchitis treatment with folk remedies:

1. Get rid of this disease will help the use of the following var: take half a kilogram of onions, chop, put in a saucepan. Add 400 grams of granulated sugar and 50 grams of honey. Pour the ingredients in one liter of water and cook the mixture on low heat for 3 hours. Then allow the bar to cool, strain and take one tablespoon six times a day.

2. Add 10g of thyme to a glass of boiling water and heat on a water bath for 15 minutes. Then drain the resulting broth and cool. Take should be one tablespoon three times a day.

3. Chronic bronchitis perfectly cures the use of the following infusion: take one part of the following ingredients - the color of chamomile, the root of licorice, the root and the grass of the primrose, the fruits of anise, the leaves of the plantain, the violets of the tricolor and the wild rosemary, and the leaves of the mother-and-stepmother. Add to the mixture obtained two parts of the root of the drug althea. Pour boiling water, let it brew and strain. Take infusion over a third of the glass three times a day after meals.

4. People's treatment widely exploits the following recipe: take two parts of the root of the medicinal althaea, the herbs of creeping thyme and leaves of coltsfoot and add to the collection of one part of the leaf sage and fennel fruits. 20 grams of the collection received, pour a glass of hot water and heat on a water bath. Then top up to the original volume of boiled water, cool, strain and take on a third of a glass 3-4 times a day.

5. A good help in the treatment of acute bronchitis will be the use of a decoction of raisins. To a glass of boiled water add 100 grams of crushed raisins and boil the mixture over low heat. Then cool and wring out with gauze. The resulting broth drink three times a day.

6. People's treatment of chronic bronchitis has used this method more than once: prepare a mixture of equal parts of a leaf of sage, lime-colored and elderberry color, and dried berries and raspberry leaves. Two tablespoons of the collection pour a glass of boiling water and let it brew for an hour. Infusion should be taken warm, just before bedtime.

Traditional treatment involves and therapeutic diet, which to a large extent will help the body cope with the disease. In acute bronchitis the patient is recommended, first of all, to sweat, which will help in the shortest possible time to cope with the disease and prevent its transition to a chronic form. To achieve this effect, it is easiest to take a few glasses of decoction of any sweatshop, whether it's mint, sage, lime-blossom or elderberry, for a better effect, add honey to the decoction. In addition, you can drink in large quantities of tea with the addition of fresh or dried raspberries. 2-3 days should follow a strict diet, during which to consume water and freshly squeezed orange juice - this will help to remove acute attacks of the disease. Then the course assumes the use of warm milk whey or several times a day for 2 tbsp. spoons of decoction of anise seeds with honey. Such simple measures will help cope with a dry cough and facilitate the process of separation of sputum. Then you can start drinking onion, which also serves as an expectorant, gradually returning to the usual diet for the patient. It is recommended to drink during this period lemon water without adding sugar or milk with soda and honey. However, before use, honey should be boiled, because otherwise there is an increase in cough.

When organizing people's treatment, you should first consult a doctor in order to establish an accurate diagnosis and find out the severity of the disease in order to avoid complications. Folk treatment in mild cases can act independently, and in some severe cases - only in addition. It is necessary to strictly observe the specified requirements to treatment, adhere to the necessary doses and correctly prepare medical infusions, compresses, decoctions, ointments and other folk remedies.