Egg yolk from cough: recipes

Cough is always a symptom of a cold or a viral illness. The phenomenon is very unpleasant, interfering with conversation and normal communication, interfering with sleep, debilitating organism. When coughing, folk remedies often help to alleviate the condition of the patient and accelerate recovery.

The composition of effective folk remedies often includes egg yolk, and today they use old recipes with his participation.

Eggs for treatment should be fresh, before using them should be thoroughly washed.

Recipes for treatment of cough with egg yolk

Egg medicine

Used to treat children and adults, it helps to cure even a strong "barking" cough, characteristic for tracheitis, bronchitis and laryngitis. Often helps with coughing, which can not be treated with medication.

This amazing preparation is made so. In a glass of boiling milk add a tablespoon of butter and honey, about? a teaspoon of soda and beaten into a foam raw egg yolk. To whip the yolk, add a couple of drops of hot boiled water.

All components are prepared in advance and added to the milk when it is on the fire, mixed and quickly removed. The medicine should be drunk in a warm form at a time. Prepare her and drink several times a day.


Applied from cough in children and adults. Gogol-mogol softens the throat and helps with dry cough. It is taken on an empty stomach in small portions, slightly warming before use. Weak children are recommended to use quail eggs.

According to the classic recipe, egg yolks whitewash with sugar to increase the volume by 2-3 times. This tasty remedy is popular with many children. In gogol-mogol, you can add a couple of spoons of freshly made orange juice, lemon or finely chopped peel.

For small children, a mogul without sugar is prepared. Egg yolks are grinded with a teaspoon of honey and a small amount of butter, then put in hot milk and add a pinch of soda.

Adults can add a spoonful of rum or cognac, then the remedy will have a warming effect.

Butter, honey and yolk

For two dessert spoons of butter and honey, two raw yolks and a spoonful of potato starch are thoroughly mixed and taken during the day in small portions at the tip of the spoon every 15-20 minutes. By the end of the day, cough is significantly less.

Next, the remedy takes 4-5 times a day before meals.

Egg yolk, butter, sugar

Rinse the yolk, a quarter of a glass of butter and sugar to taste. Take two teaspoons twice a day. Good for dry cough.

Milk, honey, egg, carrot juice

Boil a glass of milk and let stand for 5 minutes at room temperature, add two teaspoons of honey, stirring until completely dissolved, pour a tablespoon of carrot juice and pre-beaten egg mixture with a fork. Once again, mix everything, drink in small sips.