Recipe for healing from bronchial asthma

To do this, you need to prepare a miracle drink from pine grease.

It is necessary to go into the pine forest and scrape off the gum resin with a knife from the trunk of the pine so that the piece is no smaller than a fist. At home, throw it into a clay jug, pour boiling water and cover. Allow to stand until completely cooled. Drink this drink instead of water day and night. When you drink all the contents of the jug, prepare the next serving. And so continue until complete healing. First, you will get sick in your chest, but this should not be frightened: this healing drink "found" your illness and began the process of recovery.

You can also chew gum. The size of a pea, and swallow the saliva. From time to time you will lose whole lumps of sputum, which you have to spit out, and inside you will feel relief, spasms will be removed and expectorates that which has long tormented you. At the same time there will be burping of air, and at times yawning and even causeless lacrimation. All this indicates that your body is healed, and when breathing with your mouth open you will have an unusual lightness and joyful mood. A lump of chest will leave you forever. Try it and you will not regret it.