Acute bronchitis - diagnosis and treatment

Acute infection of the respiratory tract, which is accompanied by a cough, continues <3 нед., И диагностируется после исключения пневмонии. Причины: чаще респираторные вирусы (вирус гриппа А и В, парагриппа, респираторно-синцитиальный вирус, коронавирусы, аденовирусы и риновирусы); бактериальные инфекции у <10% пациентов, чаще Bordetella pertussis, Mycoplasma pneumoniae и Chlamydophila pneumoniae.


1. Subjective symptoms: fever, muscle pain, cough, coughing up mucous or purulent sputum, sometimes wheezing.

2. Objective symptoms: wheezing and wet wheezing is possible over the pulmonary fields. Temporarily arises nonspecific hyperreactivity of the bronchi, which disappears for several weeks. Usually the disease passes by itself.


It is necessary to exclude pneumonia. Against pneumonia testify: heart rate <100/мин, частота дыхания <24/хв, температура тела (в полости рта) 3 weeks, did spirometry confirm obstruction? carry out differential diagnostics, incl. with a cough variant of asthma; if in doubt, repeat the spirometry and possibly test for bronchial hyperreactivity after the disappearance of the infection.

Treatment of acute bronchitis

1. Symptomatic treatment: antipyretics and possibly antitussive drugs.

2. Do not prescribe antibiotics, except for whooping cough.

3. Patients with symptoms of acute bronchitis during the flu epidemic should consider the appointment of anti-flu drugs to 48 hours from the manifestation of the first manifestations.

4. Inhalation? 2 mimetics? prescribe only with symptoms of bronchial obstruction.