Barking cough

A barking cough is called a dry, nasal sharp cough. Such cough is usually associated with various diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

First of all, it is associated with laryngotracheitis, or croup. During laryngotracheitis, inflammation occurs around the larynx, causing swelling in this area, sometimes leading to blockage of the airways. The most vulnerable part of the population are children with small respiratory tract. It is for children that barking cough can be a dangerous condition, since the occlusion of the respiratory tract of the child occurring in the croup leads to a fatal outcome.

Barking cough can also be a consequence of an infection of the epiglottis (epiglotitis), acute attacks of asthma or diphtheria. These diseases are serious reasons for the appearance of barking cough, which can also lead to death.

Sometimes such a cough comes from a common cold. In all cases, you should immediately seek medical help.

Manifestations of barking cough

Depending on the cause of the cough is accompanied by different symptoms.

Croup usually has symptoms similar to those of a common cold: first there is a fever, a runny nose, a refusal to eat and a small cough. Gradually the disease progresses, and the cough becomes dry and barking, accompanied by a strong hoarseness and unusual sound during breathing. In this case, there are symptoms that are similar to the flu: fever, malaise, headache, sore throat.

There may be other manifestations - nausea, which reaches vomiting; dyspnea; enlargement of the lymph nodes around the neck.

Less common are diarrhea, bad breath, a rash on the body, severe fatigue, weight loss.

Dangerous conditions that threaten life

Symptoms described below are the most eloquent evidences of a very serious state of affairs:

  • changes in the voice towards a strong hoarseness,

  • significant fever, chills,

  • the appearance of a bluish hue on the lips, nails and skin of the patient,

  • periodic or persistent salivation,

  • difficulty in breathing, swallowing, speech,

  • sudden syncope,

  • states of general lethargy and lack of appetite, alternating with a strong irritability.

  • Complications of

    Barking cough itself can cause a serious inflammatory process leading to various complications: complete stop of breathing; respiratory insufficiency; occlusion of the respiratory tract.

    Once again, we emphasize that barking cough is especially dangerous for a child's life. In the case of an inexplicable barking cough, it is urgent to seek medical help for proper diagnosis of the causes of barking cough and to reduce the risk of possible listed complications.

    It is not necessary to repeat, that self-treatment in this case is inadmissible.