Cough with whistle: causes, treatment

Cough is not a disease, cough is a sign of the disease, a kind of protective reaction of the body. And this reaction often appears in the development of the inflammatory process of the respiratory tract.

Cough is different, and a specific type of cough can tell you about which disease a person fell ill.

One of the types of cough is cough with whistle . Where does the whistle come from, and most importantly - that while doing this, it immediately arises in the person who has fallen ill.

You can not call a cough with a whistle common, so when it appears, many naturally begin to worry. And especially alarming is the kind of cough that the coughing parents have. This type of cough can be distinguished by the periodic sound of the whistle during inhalation, often accompanied by wheezing. These are the main manifestations of coughing with a whistle. Especially strong whistling occurs with a sharp inhalation of air.

Where does the whistle come from during the cough?

The thing is in the congestion of sputum in the bronchi, it is she who gives a whistling sound during a cough. At the same time, the cough sounds abruptly, seizures are frequent, and especially a person suffers from a wheezing cough at night. Especially good can be heard whistling on the background of bronchial asthma during exhalation. Seizures can last up to one hour, then sputum begins to actively withdraw. Due to the advancing state of lack of air, a person feels how dark it is in his eyes, dizziness begins.

Causes of coughing with a whistle

Cough with whistles can be caused by so many reasons, among which physicians most often determine the development of obstructive processes. This applies to bronchial asthma, bronchitis and some other diseases requiring medical intervention.

One of the diseases for which a wheezing cough is characteristic is whooping cough. Pertussis appears as a result of the introduction of the infection in the respiratory tract. Pertussis is protracted, it can appear in children and adults. With pertussis, there is a convulsive cough accompanied by whistling during inspiration, the temperature rises, the face and eyes swell.

A wheezing cough in a child appears most often in the background of obstructive bronchitis . The initial stage of the disease is characterized by the appearance of dyspnoea, breathing with whistling and coughing. Cough occurs due to the narrowing of the airway lumen. When obstructive bronchitis is often diagnosed with measles and pertussis, accompanied by whistling and wheezing in the bronchi. A catarrhal-purulent process may also occur.


Pertussis requires an integrated approach to treatment. The drugs are recommended depending on the age of the patient. Usually prescribed drugs that block bronchospasm. Mucolytics, antitussive and antibacterial medications are also taken. Sometimes light tranquilizers, vascular and immune preparations can be applied. If the patient's condition is severe, hormone therapy is used.

In the treatment of bronchitis with a wheezing cough, sulfonamide drugs are used that can remove bronchospasm. Anti-inflammatory, expectorant and antitussive preparations, soda inhalations, steam inhalations with usual saline solution or alkaline mineral water are also applied.