The nerve injured - what can be done at home?

The nerve was pinched - this common expression denotes a condition in which a person experiences sudden acute pain and discomfort arising in the muscles and organs as a result of squeezing the nerve roots. If this happens, you need to see a neurologist, pass a radiograph to determine the cause of the event. However, the pain is so strong that something must be done immediately to alleviate the condition.

What are the causes of such an unpleasant moment, as pinching of the nerve roots?

  • The main common cause is an exacerbation of the existing osteochondrosis, when there is a narrowing of the distance between the vertebrae.

  • The second reason is muscle spasm, when, apart from the nerve roots, the blood vessels are squeezed.

  • The main provocative factors are usually a wrong lifestyle, prolonged immobility, being in for a long time in an uncomfortable position, hypothermia.

    What can be done at home if the nerve is blocked?

    First of all, in order not to suffer and calm down, you need to take anesthetic (anesthetic) medicine type Ketanova or Baralgina. The patient should be maximally immobilized, while it is better to lie on an even hard surface without moving. It is advisable to call a doctor at the house. The doctor usually prescribes vitamin preparations - vitamins B and E, physiotherapeutic treatment, warming and irritating ointments, sanatorium treatment with mud, as well as physical therapy and massage.

    If you can not call the doctor for any reason, you can use recipes of folk medicine .

  • Tincture of laurel leaves. On 200 g of vodka, insist a few laurel leaves within three days, and then rub the tincture into the painful area daily - until complete recovery.

  • Cake from rye or oatmeal with honey. Honey warm in a water bath, add flour to the consistency of plasticine. Pour cake on a sore spot, top with cellophane and woolen shawl. Do immediately after the attack and at night every day. Keep the cake until it cools. Important: the cake should not be very hot.

  • In one glass of alcohol dissolve 10 tablets of Analgin, pour in a bottle of iodine. The medicine lasted three days. Rub the medicinal composition every day.

  • Ointment from coniferous sapwood, coniferous baths - first aid for pinching the nerve.

  • Mix in equal proportions tincture of valerian and fir oil and rub into a sore spot. This wonderful composition relieves pain and inflammation quite quickly.

  • How to continue treatment?

    After the attack is stopped, the pain receded, the disease itself nevertheless remained. The attack can repeat. Therefore, it is necessary to be treated in good faith. In addition to the medicines prescribed by the doctor, you can again use the national recipes. National medicine recommends for the treatment of osteochondrosis the use of various herbs - kidneys of pine, kidneys and birch leaves, immortelle. From these herbs, tincture is made and rubbed into the right place. You can also use as a grinder fresh radish juice.

    It is necessary to continue to use warming ointments and alternate them with warm coniferous bathrooms. Do not forget about the honey cake - it needs to regularly warm up the right places.