Pain in the lower back during slopes

Pain in the lower back during the inclination of - a phenomenon that can not be ignored, since it is the first sign of a spinal cord disease or osteochondrosis. Sometimes pain in the lower back indicates problems of gynecological or urological nature, as well as problems in the work of the genitourinary system, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract.

The pain can be of a different nature, can appear periodically and be not strong, and can be acute and very intense. The pain can be aching after a prolonged static load or after a dream shooting after a sudden movement or in an uncomfortable position. In any of these cases, you need to contact an osteopathic doctor or a vertebroneurologist, and in a particularly difficult case, surgical care may be needed. Any pain arises from the jamming of the nerve roots, because of spasms and is associated with swelling, irritation of ligaments and muscles in the lumbar region, arising from osteochondrosis.

The causes of osteochondrosis in the lumbar set. The main one is wear of the discs due to a constant load on the lumbosacral section. The load can be a heavy, prolonged static and a sharp maximum, which occurs when lifting weights. If we add to this an eternally sedentary lifestyle with a round stooped back - especially those who work at a computer, we get a complete picture.

What to do with back pain?

If you want to prevent discomfort in the lower back, the appearance of pain when tilting, try to follow the following simple rules.

  • Try to spend less time sitting. If you still have a lot to sit, then do it right - straight.

  • Walk, stand and sit only with a straight back!

  • With sedentary work, you should always take breaks every-hour or two to perform some movements - straightening, tilting, walking.

  • Try not to lift heavy things with a round back. Gravity needs to be lifted only from the position of squatting and with a straight back.

  • Strengthen the muscles of the back and the press. It is these muscles that support the spine in working condition, and when they are weak, the spine becomes defenseless before the load. Flexible spine will not allow you to also transmit nerve endings and blood vessels.

  • If you follow these simple and affordable tips, then you can avoid back pain. If it occurs when you tilt, you will need to see a doctor.