How much bone grows after a fracture?

Bone growth after fracture is an individual matter. The younger and stronger the body, the faster the process. Therefore, in children and young people everything comes back to normal much faster than in the elderly. There is no standard in the question of bone coalescence after fractures. Someone grows together in a few weeks (3-4 weeks), someone has 2 months, and someone with the same fracture of the bone will grow 1.5 years.

Of course, not everything depends on age. The general condition of the organism is important - the presence of chronic diseases, the level of the strength of the immune system. The timing of the adhesion depends also on the specific type of fracture, on how the soft tissues are injured in the fracture region, from the fragments standing, from the blood flow in the fracture site, from the quality of the surgical operation, if it took place and so on.

The correct behavior of the patient plays an important role in the rapid fusion of bones after fracture. Usually the doctor himself says - how many weeks you have a plaster cast. And it is at this time that you need to ensure a complete immobilization, that is, complete immobility to the place where a bone fracture occurred, no less than this time. The patient should try not to move the sick place at all, otherwise there is a risk of displacement of fragments and improper bone fusion. In addition, each movement slows the process of fusion and recovery. If a plaster cast is required, this should only be done by a surgeon, not a nurse or assistant.

For faster passage of the process of bone consolidation, a vitamin course and physiotherapy are prescribed. To keep the muscle tone and disperse blood, you need to gently and gently massage the skin with tapping and stroking movements. But at the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the broken bones do not move at all.

Full immobilization - immobility of the broken bone should be continued until the full fusion is clinically evident.

After removing the gypsum, you will have to walk with your wand for a while. And do not hesitate to ask your doctor for prompt recovery after a fracture.