Rehabilitation after removal of the hernia.

Removal of herniated disc with the help of surgery, carries the term "microdiscectomy" in medicine, that is, it is, in principle, microsurgery. The meaning of the operation to remove a hernia is to remove the contents of the spinal canal. This operation is sufficiently mastered by doctors, the recovery period after microdiscectomy lasts only a few days, the pain syndromes after surgery are expressed minimally or completely regress.

Microsurgery and hernia removal

In our time, the technique of performing an operation to remove a herniated disc has reached perfection. It uses microsurgical methods and the most modern instruments and instruments. Open surgery is the most effective method of treating a herniated disc. Excellent results were recorded in 92-97% of cases of hernia removal by microsurgical method. The effective technique and vast experience accumulated by neurosurgeons reduce the probability of damage to the nerve structures to almost zero.

But naturally, the patient will need a certain time for rehabilitation after removal of the hernia.

Rehabilitation after surgery for the removal of hernia

In the region of the incision, after the operation, patients may feel some inconvenience manifested in residual painful sensations caused by incomplete attenuation of the initial pain. To alleviate the condition during the rehabilitation period after the removal of the hernia use special pain medications. Prescribed antibiotics are needed to prevent possible infectious complications. On your feet you should rise only in the presence of the attending physician, he will ask you to do this immediately after the termination of the anesthesia. Within a month after the operation, at home, you should adhere to the specified minimum restrictions, for example, rarely be in a sitting position, do not make sudden movements and sips, do not take a record weight, and limit yourself to three kilograms. We will have to wait and with driving the car until the permission of the attending physician.

Physical exercise after removal of hernia

To quickly plunge into a full life, rise (under the supervision of a doctor) immediately after surgery and walk a little; movement helps maintain the flexibility of the spine and lowers the effectiveness of scar formation at the site of surgery.

If your work is not connected with personal hard bonded labor, you can start it in half a month - a month. If in the process of work you are subjected to vibrational loads or should raise the gravity, wait one and a half to two months. The process of restoring the body is very effective in helping physiotherapy.

Measures for rehabilitation after surgery for the removal of herniated discs mainly include procedures and exercises aimed at strengthening the back and reducing pain in the back.