Prophylaxis of flatfoot in young children

Often, flat feet are considered only a cosmetic foot defect. But this is not so. Flat feet interfere with normal movement, eventually forming an incorrect posture, deforming the bones of the foot, lower extremities, spine. Flat feet cause pain when walking and exercise, which affects the overall well-being of a person. Prevention of flat feet in the child should begin as soon as the baby begins to take the first steps.

What is platypodia in children?

The body of the normally formed foot should serve as a spring, facilitating walking, jumping, running. Everyone tried to jump, but not everyone knows that jumping in people with flat feet does not work, or they do not work out quite the same as for people with a normally developed arch of the foot. For the experiment, you can try for a long time to jump on one's heels. With this experiment, you will soon feel pain in the joints, muscles of the lower leg and thigh, spine, the head starts to ache This experience proves that for normal functioning the function of foot damping is very necessary for us.

If you look at the foot from the inner edge, you can see that it is raised, like an arch. This is the shock absorber, formed by a complex system of tension of ligaments, muscles of the foot and lower leg.

Ironically, it is civilization and shoes that have caused the human foot to lose the necessary springy functions. If a child from childhood has the wrong shoes, uncomfortable and not fixing the foot, he has many chances to get a flat foot in the future.

Diagnosis of flat feet in a child

If the parents notice that the child often gets tired, begins to limp when walking, wears the shoes on one side, puts the legs on the inside of the foot or the outer one, stoops, then, most likely, the child forms a flatfoot. With these symptoms, you should immediately consult a doctor - an orthopedist, because the prevention and treatment of flat feet in a child should begin as early as possible.

The doctor, having carried out certain diagnostic procedures, will determine if the child has a flat foot, determine the degree of flat feet, and also give recommendations for correcting the forming flat feet.

For the diagnosis of flat feet, sometimes it is enough to have one examination with a doctor, the method is simple: spread the baby's feet with a fat cream and put it on a white sheet of paper. In the normal arch of the foot, the inner edge of the impression does not leave to the middle or even more, forming a recess. With flat feet of the foot, all or almost all, to the inner edge, will be drawn.

To determine the degree of flatfoot, the doctor uses foot measurement and simple calculations, as well as X-ray examination.

Treatment of flat feet

Immediately with the diagnosis of "flat feet", the child needs to begin classes to correct this foot defect. Medically flat feet are not treated, the child needs physical exercises, special gymnastics complex, foot and shin massage, hardening and physiotherapy. In especially severe cases, with significant violations of posture and deformity of the leg bones, surgical correction of the arch of the foot is resorted to.

Exercise to correct the arch of the foot for each child is selected individually. Basically, this walking barefoot on a large pebble, walking on socks, skating feet on the balls.

To facilitate walking and pain elimination specialists recommend using a special fixing foot for the child, insoles insole, supporting the arch of the foot. Inserts are recommended by a doctor, depending on the degree of flat feet in the child. In violation of posture, stoop, a special lumbar and thoracic corset supporting the spine is recommended.

Flat foot: treatment and diagnosis - video

Prophylaxis of flat feet in the baby

  • As soon as the child begins to walk, buy him a special footwear with a rigid fixation of the ankle joint, with a firm back and closed nose, on a small - 0.5 cm - heel. Flat-soled shoes, sandals and shoes without backs are unacceptable for young children. In this respect, felt boots for young children are also unacceptable.

  • For the prevention of flat feet, the child is useful to walk barefoot on grass, pebbles, sand. Inadmissible constant walking barefoot on a flat surface - floor, carpet, asphalt.

  • You can purchase a special massage mat and perform daily gymnastics on flatfoot prevention.

  • In the child's shoe, the toe should be wide enough to allow the fingers to stand freely, without squeezing.

  • To the kid it is useful to carry out massage of shins, backs, stop. It is possible to apply tempering with foot baths of contrast temperature, and also pouring feet alternately with warm and cold water, followed by rubbing with a rough towel. Such procedures cause a flow of blood to the foot, improving the nutrition of muscles and bones and promote their proper formation.

  • If the child wears shoes, gets tired while walking, you can apply medical orthopedic shoes, after consulting with an orthopedic doctor.

  • In the prevention of flatfoot, great importance is the correct formation of the muscular corset of the back and legs. As soon as the child begins to study at the table or desk - you need to monitor your posture. In addition, daily you need to perform exercises for the back - slopes, pull-ups, turns.

  • For the prevention of flatfoot it is necessary to alternate periods of active rest on legs with periods of rest, when the feet of the child can rest. Excessive sports from childhood, excessive loads can be detrimental to the formation of the arch of the foot and to cause flat feet.

  • It is necessary to strengthen the child's body, increase immunity. A child should receive a quality, balanced diet. For the formation of bones, calcium is needed, so in the diet of the child should be a sufficient number of dairy products, fish, meat. Fruits and vegetables will give the child vitamins and trace elements. In winter, the child can be given tablet forms of vitamins, fish oil in capsules, what to consult with a pediatrician beforehand.

  • Prevention and treatment of flat feet in a child should begin with the period when the baby is just beginning to walk. It should be remembered that in most cases flat feet are formed as a result of improper actions of parents to care for the child, incorrectly selected shoes, so the task of parents is to pay great attention to this issue and make efforts to make the arch of the baby's foot form correctly, and give him the joy of movement for life.