Ribs bulge: causes and harm

The ribs protrude, or, as they say, the chest protrudes, this problem often excites people for understandable reasons.

Indeed, the keeled breast, which is also called chicken, does not cause any aesthetic delight. This form is due to the deformation of the ribs and sternum. In this case, the ribs often protrude not only in the center of the chest, but also from the side. In addition, the keeled chest is often complicated by scoliosis or kyphosis. Precise and harmonious theories of the appearance of such a defect have not yet been created, but there are suggestions that such defects are associated with child rickets, which is characterized by excessive softness of bones.

In adulthood, the only radical treatment for this defect is an operation that doctors usually offer.

However, in childhood and adolescence, there is an opportunity to correct such a defect in the ribs and by other, less radical and more sparing methods. At this age, the ribs have sufficient plasticity, and you can correct the situation by using simple exercises, and only two. In this case, the defect can be corrected in a very short time, to the extent that no trace remains of the keel. This, by the way, is practically confirmed. To conduct exercises, it is necessary to prepare an even and relatively hard surface. For example, the floor covered with carpet is suitable.

How to fix the bulging of the ribs?

The first exercise is

You should lie on your stomach and put a roller under the keel. The roller itself can be made or folded from a rolled-up terry towel. It is necessary to spend in such an uncomfortable position for one hour a day. However, immediately, of course, it will be difficult to do it. To begin, so it should be from ten to fifteen minutes. This will help and prevent very painful sensations in the problem place of the ribs. If the pain still appears, you should shorten the lying time on the platen, but in return make these lying more frequent. If the exercise is tolerant, you should constantly increase the exposure time so that in a week or two, go to the cherished one hour of lying. So as not to waste time in this position, you can read, watch TV, etc.

The second exercise is

Lie on your back. Take in the hands of dumbbells (in accordance with their physical capabilities) and, do swings with their hands with dumbbells. In this case, if in addition to the keeled breast of the young man there is also kyphosis, then under the hump should also put a small cushion, again, made of a terry towel.

The fewer years a person who suffers from a keeled breast, the lower the severity of the disease, the sooner the recovery will come. Usually, with regular exercise, the cure takes from a month to six months.