Nutrition for muscle growth. Protein menu

For a set of muscle mass a little swing, without proper nutrition, muscles will not get a relief.

Therefore, if your goal is muscles, muscles and muscles again, then it's worth thinking deeply about the question of nutrition.

In addition, you need to understand where the carbohydrates, where the proteins, and, in general, what it is.

Nutrition for muscle growth, what is it?

Carbohydrates are a source of energy, including rice, buckwheat, fruits, vegetables, oatmeal.

Proteins are needed to build muscle, that is, the muscle is made up of protein. The main sources of protein are cottage cheese, eggs, meat.

The human body just needs minerals and vitamins for normal functioning. They can be found in berries, vegetables, fruits, greens.

As for fatty foods, it should be discarded. Daily carbohydrates, proteins, as well as vitamins and minerals must enter the body.

How much protein should I consume daily?

This problem, which must be calculated individually - 2g per 1kg of body weight.

The basic rule of nutrition is to eat often, but in small portions. It happens that gaining muscle mass, increases the body fat reserves, this indicates an improperly organized diet. For sure, you eat fatty, a lot of sweet, lead a sedentary lifestyle. But the muscle and fat mass have nothing in common.

How to determine how many calories are needed per day? All the bodies must be multiplied by two, then multiplied by seventeen, added 300-500 calories and divided between meals.

To build muscle mass is recommended to take the protein every few hours.

After training, it is worth refreshing, but the food should be easy to digest.

Particular attention should be given to the amount of liquid being drunk, the minimum volume is two and a half liters, since the dehydration of the body slows the growth of muscles.

Nutrition for muscle growth includes the intake of magnesium and zinc one hour before sleep on an empty stomach, creatine intake is necessary for 3-5 g before training and after, calcium is needed by the body, as the protein helps wash away calcium from the body. Vitamins and minerals can not be ignored.

Approximate menu for muscle growth

Body weight approximately 75 kg:

  • Two eggs, seven proteins, a small bun, three teaspoons of jam, a banana

  • 150g boiled chicken fillet, skim cheese - a slice, a few tablespoons of fat-free mayonnaise, half a bulb, a few tomatoes, a slice of
  • bread.
  • 250g beef meat cooked on a grill, 100g of pasta from durum wheat, half a cup of tomato sauce

  • 150g chicken fillet cooked on the grill, 240g of boiled potatoes, a couple of tablespoons of skimmed mayonnaise, a little salad of vegetables

  • Half a liter of skim milk, two teaspoons of whey protein, honey - a few tablespoons of

  • 250g boiled low-fat fish, 240g boiled bean, boiled carrots

  • Protein is found in chicken (not in peel), lean beef, fish, dairy products (0% fat content), egg whites. It is necessary to limit the use of animal fats.