Fracture of arm bones with displacement

Fractures are divided into fractures with displacement and without displacement - depending on the position of the bone fragments in relation to each other. As a rule, fractures with displacement often occur, as the fragments rarely remain in place.

There are the following types of displacement fragments : at an angle, or along an axis; width, or lateral displacement; by lenght; on the periphery, or rotational.

The most common fracture of the arm is the fracture radius of the arm with a displacement of, therefore in this article we will consider it separately.

This fracture combines a fracture of the arm, arising from a fall on an elongated arm, and a subluxation. The direction of displacement of bone fragments is determined by the position of the brush at the time of the fall.

The types of fracture are determined by the position of the hand itself - it is unbent or bent. Hence - two types of fracture: extensor (fracture of Kolpes) and flexor (fracture of Smith). Both fractures are intra-articular and are widely spread due to reflex to expose their hands in the fall.

Extensor a fracture occurs when a person falls to the open palm, on which the patient leans against the moment of the fall. In this case, the fracture line is usually oblique, and the fragments are shifted to the back of the palm.

Much less common is bending fracture. The focus in the fracture is on the back of the palm, and the fragments are displaced at the same time in the palm. With such a fracture, the patient's condition is more severe.

Symptoms of fracture of the arm bone with displacement: increasing pain and quickly following the fall edema. As a first aid to the victim, you can attach ice or any cold object to the broken part of the hand. The hand should be fixed and put on a hard surface.

Treatment of fractures with a displacement of

Treatment individual, despite the wide prevalence of fracture, as the bone tissue is broken in all different ways. To begin with, a reposition of fragments is made, followed by a plaster cast for 28 days. In cases of unstable fracture, the patient is shown a surgical operation. After removing the plaster, physiotherapy, massage and therapeutic gymnastics are prescribed. Therapeutic exercise should be performed in warm water. Workability should be restored after about 6 weeks.