Rupture of ligaments of the ankle. Treatment of rupture scabs

Proper treatment of ankle ligament rupture is a very important exercise, because with incorrect treatment, the consequences of the rupture can be a long time troubling patient.

Treatment of ankle ligament rupture depends on the strength of the ankle joint damage, the size of ligament rupture. With a complete rupture of the ankle joints in most cases, a surgical operation is required.

Surgical treatment with ankle ligament rupture it is necessary not only with complete rupture of the ankle ligaments, but also in case of massive hemorrhage into the periarticular tissues, as well as in the rupture of the joint-ligament apparatus in case of open trauma.

Usually, surgical treatment is performed two months after the ankle ligament rupture occurred. This is due to the fact that early operation can lead to the development of contractures. Delayed treatment contributes to the deterioration of the patient's condition, as well as the development of long-term complications after recovery. One of the complications may be a violation of the walking function.

Operative treatment of ankle ligament rupture includes stitching the ligament or ligating the ligament to the bone, revising the joint cavity, removing the damaged tissue.

The rupture of the ankle joints in mild cases, with a weak manifestation of signs of ankle ligament rupture, can be treated with conservative treatment.

Partial rupture of ankle ligaments and its treatment

Partial rupture of the ankle ligaments is a small tear, which after a while heals independently. Partial rupture of ligaments is called stretching. This is wrong, because the ligaments do not stretch, as they do not have elasticity.

With a partial rupture of the ankle ligament and minor damage to the ligamentous apparatus, the treatment for the rupture of the ankle ligaments consists in tight bandaging and administration of funds intended for the prevention of osteoarthritis. The doctor can prescribe the reception of bioactive additives that affect the connective tissue of the ligaments, as well as the hondoprotectors to accelerate the regeneration of the connective tissue and prevent inflammation.

A rupture of the ankle joint requires a special diet during treatment. The diet is to eat foods rich in protein, such as mass dishes, dairy, jelly, broth.

Incomplete rupture of ankle ligament

Incomplete discontinuity requires medication, in addition to this, the patient needs the following measures:

  • Protection of the ankle from loads

  • Rest

  • Imposition of a pressure bandage

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  • Recovery of

  • Immediately after receiving the injury, the patient needs anesthesia. As a rule, ice is used for this, which is applied to the damaged area through the bandage. If the pain is a very strong doctor recommends taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Then you can use creams and ointments that have analgesic effect and restore connective tissue.

    Treatment of ankle ligament rupture can be carried out with the use of non-steroidal topical agents for short-term use, because the rupture of the ankle ligaments is not accompanied by an inflammatory process.

    If a hemorrhage occurred in the joint cavity, a puncture is performed to evacuate the blood.

    The imposition of a tire or a pressure bandage is required to protect the ankle from the loads. Duration of use - a few weeks, namely, until the swelling and pain will not disappear.