Osteoporosis: folk treatment of osteoporosis in women

The imbalance of magnesium and calcium in human bone tissue can cause osteoporosis - Defects of the supporting-motor apparatus. With age, as a result of washing away calcium from the body, bone tissue becomes fragile.

The causes of osteopathy can be hereditary factors, alcohol, nicotine and caffeine, too "elegant" constitution of the body. The use of steroids, heparin, barbiturates, bromides and various tranquilizers can also accelerate the development of this disease.

Daily need for an organism in obtaining calcium:

At the age of 25 years 1200 mg

over 50 - 800 mg of

Women in the period before the climactic period - 1000 mg

Women in the period after the climacteric period - 1500 mg

For a good assimilation of calcium, a sufficient one with is necessary. Presence in the body of vitamin D. Calcium preparations will be better absorbed if you drink them with sour juice (for example, orange)

In the greenery contain phytic and oxalic acid, reducing the absorption of calcium. Other plant foods are very rich in calcium. These include, for example, nuts, seeds, horseradish, soy and other legumes.

Treatment of osteoporosis folk methods and with the help of traditional medicine is quite effective and fits well with the treatment prescribed by a doctor.

To begin with, we will carry out an audit of our diet. We exclude caffeinated products (coffee, black tea). We open a wide road to sour-milk products (fermented baked milk, kefir, yogurt). Boiled fish should be present in your diet at least three times a day.

Here are a few simple rules for the effective treatment of osteoporosis by folk remedies:

1. Walk more, but not until exhaustion.

2. A healthy eight-hour sleep, regular nutrition and observance of the regimen of the day prescribed by the doctor, contribute to cure.

3. Enjoy sunbathing more often. In winter, you can replace them with a solarium. In this case (especially in winter), we must take vitamin D

Traditional medicine has a number of effective recipes for the treatment of osteoporosis:

1. Mumiye: twice a day to drink one ball a quarter of an hour before eating. Wash down with warm water. After a twenty-day treatment, suspend the procedure for a month.

2. In the oven at a temperature of 200 0 Withstand 100 g of egg shell, then grind it into powder. Cook, 100 grams of eggshell. Mix 100 grams of propolis, 50 grams of lime or buckwheat honey with the resulting powder. For sixty days, use two teaspoons of the drug three times a day.

3. Shredded mixture sporish, Ledum, field horsetail (200 g) pour a liter of water and boil on low heat for an hour. Within a month, take before eating 100 grams of this decoction.

4. In a dry chopped field horsetail (100 grams) pour milk (1 L), bring to a boil, cover the heat and hold for three hours. After percolation, use a glass of this milk three times a day for twelve weeks.

5. Collect the leaves of the walnut in summer. 30 g of fresh leaves, pour boiling water (1 liter), insulate the container and insist in a dark room for seven to eight days. The remaining leaves are dried in the shade for subsequent brews and for the winter. Dried leaves will need 50 grams per brew. In the morning, before meals take 200 ml.

6. Dry (in the shade) the leaves of a large nasturtium. Fifty grams of leaves to grind, brew 600 ml of boiling water, defend, strain, add honey (50-60 grams). Use a glass of infusion during meals. A good effect is noticeable when applied in winter.

7. The shell with the film removed from six chicken eggs is poured with a liter of water, boiled for half an hour, after cooling it turns into powder. In the broth add lemon juice. Stir. Take under Art. l. three times a day for a month. Keep the drug in a cool place. With diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, this mixture is discarded.

8. In a liter of milk, heated to 70 0 With, pour a liter of yogurt and a glass of sour cream, stir, add to the mixture 20 g of calcium carbonate. Do not bring to a boil remove from heat. Eat three to four a day with a total daily volume of 100 ml. Keep only in a cool place. The procedures should not be terminated within two months.

9. Grind two hundred grams of fresh fennel and parsley, brew half a liter of boiling water, then insist (three hours) and strain. Within half a year, use 300 grams of this tincture per day, dividing it by three to four times. In this infusion well helps against atherosclerosis. For treatment of pregnant women is contraindicated! This can lead to serious consequences.

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