Rupture of ligaments of the knee joint: causes, treatment

The rupture of ligaments of the knee joint is the most common type of trauma in the human musculoskeletal system. Bunches in our body fix the tibia to the femoral.

What is the common group of ligaments of the knee joint?

  • Bundle of patella

  • Internal lateral

  • External lateral

  • Front cross-shaped

  • Rear cross-shaped

  • The rupture of the ligaments of the knee joint is characterized by a complete or partial rupture in the fibers of the ligaments, and the ligament can be detached from the attachment site.

    The rupture of the cruciate ligament of the knee joint is characteristic for football players and skiers, but other ligaments of the ligaments of the knee joint can be overtaken by people far from sports.

    Kinds of ruptures of ligaments of a knee joint

    There are several types of ruptures depending on the type of tissue subjected to lesion. So, what are the gaps?

  • Posterior cruciate ligament

  • Anterior cruciate ligament

  • External lateral ligaments

  • Internal lateral ligaments

  • Degrees of rupture of ligaments of the knee joint

  • The first degree of rupture is characterized by the damage of several fibers

  • At the second degree of rupture more than half of the fibers are damaged, the restriction of joint motion
  • is observed.
  • At the third degree of rupture, complete immobilization occurs, because the ligament is completely ruptured, or the ligament is detached from the attachment site of

  • Causes of rupture of ligaments of the knee joint

    As can be seen, there are several types of ligament ruptures, so they can be traumatized in different ways. Sport takes the first place in the ranking for reasons leading to ruptures of ligaments of the knee joint. Immediate impact on the knee joint can also provoke rupture of ligaments. The strength and correctness of the movements determines which ligament will be affected:

  • The rupture of anterior cruciate ligaments occurs with a bent shank and force acting on the posterior surface of the joint

  • A rupture of the posterior cruciate ligament can occur in the case of a sharp bending of the joint, when it strikes the lower leg under the condition of the bent leg

  • The rupture of the outer lateral ligaments of the knee joint, as a rule, occurs when the foot is tucked, walking on high heels

  • The rupture of the inner lateral ligaments occurs for reasons analogous to the previous point, provided the tibia deviates from the outside

  • Sometimes there is a rupture of several types of ligaments of the knee joint. This phenomenon is a serious danger, accompanied by a hemorrhage and involves a long period of rehabilitation.

    Treatment of rupture of ligaments of the knee joint

    First, the doctor confirms the rupture of ligaments, then determines the type and extent of the injury, after which - appoints the necessary treatment. As a rule, it includes:

  • Peace

  • Limitations of movements

  • Cold

  • Bandage

  • Imposition of elastic bandage

  • Fixation of the damaged limb above the body level

  • Admission of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to eliminate pain syndrome

  • The next day after injury of the joint, warming compresses
  • can be used.
  • Physiotherapy

  • Exercises

  • Massage

  • In rare cases, surgical treatment may be required, for example, with complete rupture of ligaments, in the absence of the effect of the measures described above. Surgical treatment is a minimally invasive operation with two small incisions.

    It may be necessary to replace the ligaments with synthetic or transplanted tendons. The operation is not terrible, because the endoscopic equipment is used.

    The rupture of the ligaments of the knee joint is treated successfully, although the role played by such factors as a timely call to the doctor, a description of the injury, sensations, because it depends on the proper diagnosis, determination of the type and extent of damage.