Treatment of a spinal hernia without surgery

The spine of a healthy person is a pillar consisting of individual hard vertebrae and discs between them. Intervertebral discs are a fibrous tissue in the form of a dense ring. These discs are designed to protect the spine from various injuries. Displacement of the disc and its protrusion is called a hernia of the spine.

Methods of treating a spinal hernia without surgery are quite a lot. One of the tested and effective - the conduct of procedures, the meaning of which is stretching of the spine . For this method, a set of exercises is developed, in the performance of which pain does not arise. Very often a crossbeam is used to perform these special exercises. It should be remembered that you should avoid sudden movements. Therapeutic physical training is quite capable not only of eliminating the hernia of the spine, but also of restoring its elasticity and mobility, strengthening and strengthening the muscles of the back.

Another non-surgical method of treatment of a hernia of the spine is the method of manual therapy . This method is considered to be most effective if applied at the initial stages of the disease. Manual therapy is a physical contact on the spine with the help of hands, while the load on the diseased part of the spine decreases and, in the final analysis, its work normalizes. In the people, a manual specialist is called a bone-opener. The course of manual therapy - 10-15 sessions. It is carried out only by a high-class specialist, as unprofessional actions can have the opposite effect.

Less effective, but also necessary and helping in the treatment method - back massage . Massage improves blood circulation, relieves pain. The process of recovery is accelerated and due to the fact that the massage is able to psychologically and physically relax the person, to level his emotional background. The course of massage is usually a minimum of 10 procedures.

For treatment of a hernia of a backbone also is used. ultrasonic therapy . It is based on the properties of ultrasound, when exposed to which the heating of the affected area is approximately two degrees. Under the influence of heating, all metabolic processes are intensified, tissue regeneration is stimulated. In addition to thermal, ultrasound has other effects - physical and chemical and mechanical, high-frequency vibrations enhance metabolism. Ultrasound therapy should be performed only outside the period of exacerbation and under the supervision of a physician.

The following non-surgical methods for treating a spinal hernia are called acupuncture. This is acupuncture, or acupuncture, at which the stimulation of all the resources of the patient's body and the rapid restoration of all damaged areas occur. The course of therapy - 12 procedures. This is also pharmacopuncture, in which the method of the same acupuncture is introduced into certain points of medicinal substances - homeopathic preparations, vitamins, biostimulants. This is laser acupuncture, at which the needle is replaced by a laser, resulting in a very strong therapeutic effect.

From popular recipes can be considered a proven and reliable recipe of compresses from horse fat .

For the removal of painful symptoms in the hernia of the spine appoint medicinal preparations - ibuprofen, codeine, etc. and vitamins - vitamins A, B, C, D and E.

If medication fails to cope with pain symptoms, is used. epidural injections with steroid preparations. Such injections are very effective, but can only be carried out three times a year.

When treating a spinal hernia, one should not forget about the correctly selected diet and about getting rid of excess weight.