How to treat a coccyx injury? First aid in case of contusion of the coccyx

Bruising is the most common type of injury, which can be obtained quite easily and quickly, well, treatment causes difficulties. A bruise, as a rule, appears as a result of a blow by a blunt object, when it falls.

What is a bruise? This is damage to soft tissues without fractures and ruptures of internal organs. Such a trauma is considered easy and usually does not require hospitalization.

The contusion of the coccyx can be called the most unpleasant of all bruises. As a rule, such a trauma occurs when the acrobatic elements fall or perform.

First aid with a bruise

The most effective means with a contusion of the coccyx is cold. It must be applied to the damaged area, even with a severe form of injury. Cold contributes to the suspension of increasing swelling, reducing soreness. Apply cold (for example, snow or ice from the refrigerator) for an hour, then take a break and continue with cold compresses. On this first aid comes to an end, further treatment is conducted by a doctor.

Treatment of coccyx contusion

How to treat a coccyx injury? Usually treatment of a coccyx injury involves only providing immobility for the affected area of ​​the spine. To accelerate the healing process, you can use a variety of ointments that have analgesic and cooling effects. Warming ointments and compresses can be used only after a few days after the ill-fated injury. The above procedures contribute to the rapid resorption of hematomas.

As for sleep, it is necessary to say: sleep very gently on the side, as lying on the back, there is an undesirable effect on the suffering coccyx.

After treatment, that is, during rehabilitation, it is recommended that you sit as often as possible, or use an orthopedic pillow. If pain occurs, analgesics can be used.

If you are an adherent of folk medicine, then remove the pain you will help the juice of bitter wormwood, rub it on the damaged area. You can also use plantain leaves for compresses and onion dressings.

In any case, it is recommended to consult a doctor, at least to exclude serious damage.