Hernia of the cervical spine: treatment with folk remedies

A consequence of the uneven load on the spine may be the rupture of the spinal disc, which is the most common disease of the spine, the intervertebral hernia of the cervical region. One of the symptoms of the hernia of the cervical region is numbness of the hands or pain in the neck.

Hernia of the cervical spine usually begins to be felt at the age of thirty to fifty years, and its cause may be a trauma or some disease of the spine.

Folk methods of cervical hernia repair

In addition to the use of drugs used in the treatment of cervical hernia, folk methods of treatment are also used, however, it is highly desirable to combine the recommendations of traditional healers with the doctor's prescriptions or his consultations, rather than apply them alone.

  • It is recommended to melt the horse's fat in a water bath, apply a thin layer on a cloth of dense tissue and attach it to a sore spot. This curative structure should be covered with a film or parchment and wrapped in a scarf. The pain will begin to recede within two hours, but treatment should continue for several more days.

  • A useful and morning procedure for the implementation of which in the massage cream is added a mild fir oil, about half a teaspoon. You can just drop a few drops of oil on your hand, and put a little cream there. This mixture and light movements of the hands are carried out by non-aggressive massage of the sore spot.

  • And in the implementation of the evening procedure, it is not fir oil that is added, but honey or mummies, and in the same way massage. After the procedure, the leftovers of the cream are collected with a napkin, after which Finangel's ointment is applied to the treatment site. After the procedure, you should always wrap a scarf with a parchment from the parchment neck, this will help to avoid a cold. The course of treatment should last at least two weeks.

  • Grind about three hundred grams of fresh garlic with a meat grinder, add one hundred and fifty grams of vodka, seal with a lid, and place for a week and a half in a dark place. After this period, moisten the tissue in the mixture and attach it to the sore spot for an hour. After removing the compress, wipe the sore spot with a napkin, wipe the place with a napkin, without wetting the skin. In a day, the procedure should be repeated.

  • For treatment, also apply a lot of fresh crushed Kalanchoe leaves, which are placed on fresh tissue. This flap is fixed with a band-aid or bandage and leave a lotion for the night. The course should last no less than fifteen days.

  • Treatment of hernia of the cervical region Do not start without an accurate diagnosis, that is, without the involvement of a doctor. The fact is that wrong actions in this complex area can cause irreparable damage to the body.

    Begin treatment, especially if there was an exacerbation, should be with providing the patient with bed rest, which should not last less than two days. Then go to the regime with limited activity, and to active activity should return as recovery, gradually.

    Medicamentous treatment of hernia

    When medicinal treatment of the vertebral hernia, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that relieve inflammation and reduce edema are used first.

    However, NSAIDs adversely affect the work of the digestive tract, especially with prolonged use.

    Therefore, at some stage, in agreement with the doctor, you should abandon these drugs and switch to less aggressive means.

    Very common here are massage and exercises for the treatment of the intervertebral hernia.

    Folk methods of treatment of vertebral hernia, this is just an ordinary warming up of the affected area. At the same time, the pain syndrome becomes noticeably weaker, as blood circulation improves.

    Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to such a method of cervical hernia treatment that has already become popular, as a trip to a specialized sanatorium with experienced specialists. In addition to drug treatment, massage and special exercises, there are often offered for use and folk remedies, which are used under the close supervision of doctors.