Ways to fix the posture at home

The farther away, the greater the problems with the posture. Previously, I could ruin my posture only by an archivist, an avid gambler or a person who constantly works with mousetraps for his duty. Now, even steelworkers and auditors do not tear their eyes from the monitor. That's the result - every ninth European suffers from a backbone.

However, there would be a task, and there will be a solution, and there are special sets of exercises designed to correct posture.

Nevertheless, before you start this noble occupation, it is not a sin to consult a doctor. There are a number of deviations from the norms in the body, in which it is contraindicated to engage in certain activities.

The spine remembers the position that a person attaches to him for a long time. In our time, this is, mainly, the stoop position, which is taken when working at a table. Therefore, even if you specifically hold your back exactly, it still unconsciously returns to its usual position, it is worth at least briefly distracted.

Meanwhile, in addition to aesthetic disadvantages, incorrect posture can lead to many health problems. These are pains in the region of the heart, chronic headaches, discomfort in the lower back and neck area.

What posture is considered correct?

Correctly consider the posture with freely divorced shoulders, even back, tight belly, head high, of course, and the knees should not be bent at the same time. Not a lot of people can boast of this posture.

To assess your posture yourself, you need to stand with your back to the wall with your knees straight and legs folded, and press your shoulders, head and heels against it.

In this case, you should keep your usual position, not trying to take the right one.

Next, the palm should be held between the waist and the wall. Free passage of the hand indicates that your posture is correct. If it has to squeeze, then this is evidence of some problems with posture.

What should I do to straighten my posture?

To straighten the posture, first and foremost, various negative factors that make it wrong are eliminated. To achieve an acceptable result, for example, one should try to keep the shoulders straight and rest on both legs with the same force to evenly distribute the load on the spine.

Do not forget to hold your head upright, preferably always. In this case, even breathing will become easier, and well-being will also improve. At home, you can post various reminders about the need to keep your head straight. When carrying heavy loads, try to equally distribute the load on both hands, while keeping your back as level as possible. If you have a heavy bag, change your hands more often, avoiding prolonged curvature of the spine.

Try as low as possible to use footwear with a high heel, the design of which favors the increase in the load transferred to the spine.

While talking on the phone, do not pinch the tube between your shoulder and ear.

The workplace is characterized by the fact that you spend the maximum amount of time on it in an uncomfortable position. Therefore, special attention should be given to all possible adjustments to the chair, table, the position of the keyboard and monitor. Hips should be parallel to the floor and be with the knees at the same level, will allow you to reduce the excess load. Do not spare money for the most comfortable chair with armrests, it's really very important.

Exercises for correct posture

As for the exercises, which should be repeated regularly during the work, try sitting lifting one shoulder, and then the second, make them a few circular movements. Connect the shoulder blades together and lean back in the chair, put your hands on the armrests. Relax for about forty seconds. Then stretch completely in the morning, connecting hands and lifting them higher. This is a very effective exercise. Then you need to get up from the table and relieve tension from the back muscles, making a few steps with small turns. These are so simple and natural actions that they can be freely implemented even in the office, without catching puzzled looks.

Another gymnastic trick is that it is recommended to sit on the very edge of the chair. If you do not keep your back straight and relax, you will simply fall down. And still very useful for people of modern professions - do yoga.