Gelatin for joints and ligaments in pain and as a preventive agent

The connective tissue in the human body consists of collagen. The lack of collagen disrupts the work of connective cells, leading to the loss of connective tissue. Lack of connective tissue body replenishes fatty tissue, and this leads to obesity. Problems with joints - a clear sign of a lack of collagen.

From the lack of collagen suffers:

  • bone-cartilage system,

  • arthrosis appears,

  • arthritis,

  • flat feet,

  • curvature of the spine and fingers.

  • The lack of collagen and wear of the cartilaginous tissue is accompanied by severe pain, because the bones rub against each other. If you start a disease, the bones wear out so much that the joint, becoming thin, can break at any time. Articular cartilage suffer particularly badly. In the normal state articular cartilage is elastic, able to compress, its surfaces at high pressures are coated with a special lubricant, providing a smooth, practically friction-free movement. And collagen promotes the production of lubricants. To produce collagen in sufficient quantities, you need to eat every day muesli from ground oats, wheat, barley, buckwheat, rye, peas, lentils, beans, shellfish (oysters, snails, mollusks). Collagen "requires" iron, that is, you need to eat lean meat, beef liver, tongue, heart, products from unmilled grain. The connective tissue needs a lot of protein. This meat, soy, poultry, fish.

    Use of gelatin for joints

    Scientists confirmed the fact that food gelatin contributes to the restoration of cartilage tissue of human joints, as it was formed when evaporation in the water of ligaments, tendons, bones and other tissues of animal origin, in which there is collagen.

    To make a remedy, you need to fall asleep in the evening a teaspoon of dry gelatin in a glass and pour half a glass of boiled cold water. Leave overnight to allow gelatin to swell. In the morning add a teaspoon of honey to the glass, mix with the swollen gelatin and add the glass to the top with boiled hot water. Mix well and drink the resulting mixture on an empty stomach in a warm form. Take gelatin for joints from pain preferably ten days with a ten-day break. In addition to the joints, hair and nails are restored and strengthened.

    To relieve pain in the joints, you can make such a compress. Gauze or bandage is folded in several layers, moistened with hot water and squeezed. Pour between the layers of a teaspoon of gelatin, attach to the diseased place3 covered with polyethylene, warmly wrapped. Do this a few times.