Gonarthrosis - symptoms, causes and treatment of gonarthrosis. Folk remedies for treatment of gonarthrosis at home. PHOTO AND VIDEO

What is gonarthrosis?

Gonarthrosis - one of the most common types of arthrosis of the knee joint. This illness became known not yesterday: doctors already knew about its existence 100 years ago. The common name of this disease is the deposition of salts. The basis of gonarthrosis, like any arthrosis, is an increase in the content of calcium salts in the body and their subsequent deposition in the joints. But these processes are not in themselves of decisive importance for the person's well-being. The development of the disease occurs only after the circulatory disturbance in the bone vessels, after which the joint (cartilage) cover begins to change.

First, the cartilaginous tissue changes at the level of the molecules. Then the changes concern the hyaline cartilage: in some places it becomes cloudy, in some places it becomes thinner, and somewhere it becomes delaminated or cracked. These processes end in that the cartilage completely disappears, and the underlying bone is exposed. The reaction of the bone to this outcrop is its peripheral growth and the formation of spines, which leads to deformation (curvature) of the leg. Precisely because of what is described in this paragraph, this kind of arthrosis is called deforming.

The knee feels crunchy. Such a crunch can also be felt if the patella is moved in the transverse direction (this symptom was called "patello-cordillary").

If you feel the painful joint, then on the inside you can find a painful area in the femoral condyles, the big tibia and the joint space. In this case, as a rule, inside the knee joint begins to accumulate effusion, and develops a synovitis - another joint disease. This can be seen if the contours of the joint are smoothened by protrusion above the knee and from the side of the tissues and if a feeling of this protrusion is felt a fluctuation, that is, the presence of a cavity in the joint that is filled with liquid.

Blue clay

Blue clay

To obtain this remedy you need red or blue clay. Important note: to collect, mix and shift clay it is necessary wooden spoons, because when using spoons of metal all the healing properties of clay are lost.

Before the treatment, wipe the joint with a damp cloth. Clay should be mixed with water in such a way that the mixture has a consistency of sour cream. Put on the cotton cloth 2 tablespoons of the resulting solution with a thickness of about 2-2.5 centimeters. It is necessary to apply this compress to an unhealthy joint, fix it and wrap it with a warm scarf. Compress should be applied for 2 hours.

After the procedure, wash the remaining clay from the joint with warm water. The cloth you used can be stretched, dried and used again the next time. But the clay used to be stored is not necessary - it will no longer have a therapeutic effect.

With regard to the frequency of these lotions, then with edema, you need to do several such procedures per day. You can also periodically drink clay water.

Leaves of dandelions

For this folk recipe, it is necessary to collect a few dandelion leaves daily in May. Collect the top leaves. After you rinse them (necessarily!) With boiled water and a little podsushite, chew them until the moment that this mass does not take the consistency of sour cream.

You can tear the leaves of dandelions for future use, for winter and dry. When necessary, pour them with hot water and then chew once a day. But with such a procedure, you must simultaneously do at least 3000 steps.

In summer you can use one more recipe. Take a few bottles of dark glass. In each of them half fill with yellow dandelion heads. Pour the dandelions with triple cologne and insist for a month. After filtering, and the medicine received before the night you need to wipe the problem joints. The people using this recipe claim that in a month they became much better: pain ceased to disturb. One bottle can be treated for about a month. To increase the effectiveness of this procedure, you can do it twice a day and additionally chew dandelion leaves. Keep the tincture of dandelions in the absence of moisture and at room temperature.

The leaves of Jerusalem artichoke for the treatment of gonarthrosis

This remedy is also very effective in gonarthrosis. You need 1.5 kilograms of Jerusalem artichoke (leaves and stems), which, after grinding, should be poured with a bucket of boiling water. To persist the drug should be until the temperature becomes tolerable to the skin. While the infusion is not cold, it is necessary to keep a sick joint in it.

If you have joint pains on your hands, you can completely lower your hand into the infusion and keep it there for at least half an hour. To get rid of the disease, you need to do this procedure at least 10 times.

Hooves and cows of the cow. It is necessary to boil the hooves and knees of this cattle to such a state, when it is possible to easily separate the meat from the bones. Decoction, which happens in this case, you need to use 100-200 grams for half an hour before eating, until the disease is completely gone.

Lemon, garlic, celery. This procedure is good for gonarthrosis and deforming arthrosis. Three lemons, 100-120 grams of garlic and 250-300 grams of celery (you can easily replace celery with nettle) you need to scroll through the meat grinder and mix. What happened was folded into a glass jar and steamed with boiling water to the top of the jar. For the night wrap the jar in a blanket, and let the medication insist.

The resulting infusion is recommended to use 70-80 grams before meals, starting from once a day and gradually to increase the number of receptions per day to three. For an effective course of fighting gonarthrosis, you will need approximately three 3-liter cans. One bank should suffice, somewhere, for a month.

Apple cider vinegar, honey, burdock leaves, cabbage and aloe. If you are suffering from gonarthrosis, take three spoons of apple cider vinegar, mix it with one large spoon of honey and the resulting product, lubricate the sore spot. Top with burdock and cabbage leaves. For greater effect, wrap the treated area with polyethylene and a warm cloth.

This bandage is recommended to be applied at night. But you can try not to remove it until the leaves are completely dry (this takes several days). The course of such national treatment is designed for a month.

Grass of black beans. And one more remedy recommended by the people. Grass of black beans is collected during its flowering, cut and dried in a dark place. When the gonarthrosis starts to remind of itself, you need to take the dried grass, pour it with steep boiling water, and keep it in the thermos for five or six hours. The resulting tea should be consumed within a month, and then for a month to take a break. As a rule, illnesses are exacerbated in the autumn, and therefore this course of treatment is better in the fall. And if everything is done correctly, then until the next fall the illness will not bother you again.

To conduct a full course of such treatment you will need, approximately, a five-liter bucket of such dried herb.